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  1. You can see the problem we are seeing by viewing the file Demo_2017-06-21.avi The video is already on your FTP site. During the first few minutes after opening the computer, a user can run software that is not in our Golden Image. A message appears telling the user that the program is "blocked" but it runs anyway ... After a few minutes, when the agent is active, the program is blocked. It is this delay before the agent comes into action that causes us problems and leaves our workstations vulnerable. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I just uploaded a directory (named "2017-06-22") to your FTP site. It contains the files you request. Thank you for following.
  3. The LogFile.zip and Bootlog.zip files are located on your FTP site. Thank you
  4. Sorry, I have misread your request ... I generate the file the process monitor log and I send it to you. Thank you
  5. The file you are looking for is in the compressed directory KES_Trace2017-06-21.7z Thanks!
  6. I have uploaded an .avi file to your FTP site so that you can see the problem we are encountering.
  7. Hello, The requested information has been uploaded to your FTP site. They are in the directory named "2017-06-21". Would you like to see a video sent to you?
  8. Hello, the requested file has just been sent to your ftp site. Thank you
  9. Hello, everything you requested was uploaded to your FTP site in the 2017-06-16 directory. Thank you.
  10. That is exactly the problem we are facing. As long as the KLnagchk.exe agent is not in operation, any application can start on the user's computer. If you look at the screen prints that I followed in the previous messages, you will be able to see the problem. The problem is encountered on Windows 7, 64 bites and also on Windows 10, 64 bites. Thank you.
  11. So it 's normal for a software that I want to be blocked to be able to run in the first few minutes after my users' computer restarts ... When students in schools will notice that it' Use software when opening the computer and then this same software is blocked, they will easily override the application management module ... Thanks again for the follow up.
  12. Hello, I have transferred the log to your ftp site. Thank you!
  13. I used the user code and password that you sent me, but it does not work. I get the following error message: "550/index.html:No such file or directory"
  14. Hello Ivan, 1. Yes, the agent start 2 minutes after the logon and the policy is not applied during this period. 2. I made the log file but I no longer have access to your FTP server to send you the file .... I still have the link with the user code and the password that you sent me. Can you reactivate them please. Let me know when this is done. Thank you.
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