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  1. Hi richbuff, Thanks for the answer. I'm not sure the Windows Calculator problem is related to the threat or to KAV. It seems more on the Microsoft side. What do you think? Thanks EDIT: some English editing.
  2. Hi The Shield, Thanks for the answer. KAV found, I guess in memory, MEM:Trojan.Script.AngryPower.gen. It seems KAV couldn't fix the threat (non disinfected:1) but I followed it suggestion to restard the PC after it tried. On the desktop again, I performed a full check but everything seemed normal. There is only one side effect. I'm not sure if it is related to the threat. Windows Calculator doesn't run anymore. I click on it, it seems running, I see its window but then it crashes. A crash event is reported inside Event Viewer and there is a faulting module for it: Windows.UI.Xaml.dll. I performed a system check, sfc/scannow but it didn't find any integrity violation. Any idea how to fix that? Thank you very much.
  3. Hi All, Ten minutes ago KAV showed me I got an infection in memory. I left it working and fixing the problem. After restarted the PC I looked for the name of the infection on KAV's detailed report but I couldn't find it. Where can I read the name of the infection KAV found? Thank you
  4. That sounds possible. I have an official KAV 2017 and a KAV free. They seem not having those two tools. Thank you.
  5. Hi mikethebike, Probably I didn't understand exactly what you wrote. In the past I downloaded the two tools mentioned from the kasperksy website and I used them over the time. Today I checked the Kasperksy website if there were updates version of those two tools but I couldn't find them between the free tools list. You can see the free tools list here https://www.kaspersky.com/home-security#pc In the middle of the page there a list of free tools horizontally scrollable but the two tools aren't mentioned. Instead there are: Kasperskty Free, Kaspersky Secure Connection etc. I hope I was clear this time. Thank you.
  6. Hi All, I don't see those two utilities in the free tool list. What happened? Is their development discontinued? Thanks
  7. Hi richbuff, Thank you for your invaluable support. I could indeed get the activation code from My kaspersky. However, I inserted it but the latest downloaded version of KAV 2017 says "Activation code is not suitable for this application". Before uninstalling the KAV 2016 I remember still had days for my 1 year KAV license. Any idea how to fix that? Or my license is expired? Thank you
  8. Hi richbuff, I uninstalled the 2016 version leaving the license info on my PC. Then I installed the KAV version 2017 but it asked for the activation code. Now, I didn't know about the difference between the licence and the activation code. My original KAV came in bundle with an Asus mother board. I don't know where to find its activation code. I tried to install the original KAV for Asus and see if I could find the activation code, but unfortunately KAV didn't install anymore on my Windows 10 (updated). How can I resolve that? Thanks
  9. Hi, I've been facing an issue since a couple of times. When I run a full scan, after some hours the Kasperky Anti-Virus user interfaces crashes (the icon on the system disappears). At that point if I launch it again it still shows the progress of the scan activity. My version is, Kasperky Anti-Virus for Asus. Any idea how to fix it? Thank you
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