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  1. Hi, I have installed the new version over the old. Anyway, if you uninstall the old version you can install the new using windows resources. Best regards
  2. Hi Kirill, sorry for the late reply. I don't know the internal number of the incident. I only know that in the next version the USB task could manage from the console. Best regards
  3. Hi, thanks for your help. Before to change the policy (it was a conversion for the prior endpoint) I spoke with the Spanish support and they told me that now it's a local task, so you can stop it if it's allowed in the policy. I rechecked the policy and disable this option but nevermind you do the quick scan can be stopped. So I send traces and logs and they have send to support. Waiting answer. Thanks
  4. Hi, I upgraded to the last version of console (10.3.343), agent (10.3.343) and KES (10.3.06294) in my workstation to make tests before a deployment in my company and I have a detected a problem, or at least I don't find the place to correct it. In the previous version of KES ( when we connect a USB it starts a quick scan and you need user and password to stop it. In the version KES I can stop without password. Is it correct? Has been disabled this option? Best regards
  5. Hi, I'm using version of security center: 10.4.343 and I have installed the new agent version without problems. I'm using the console in English, not in Spanish. Best regards