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  1. I have the impression, apps are "forgotten" when the phone is rebooted / shut-down (as if they appear inactive when KSK comes up. Let me try that out again, then I will place a request, maybe with more info than is available so far. Thanks for your reply and cheers!
  2. Dear all, I have the issue, that not all apps are displayed in the Web UI of Kaperski Safe Kids for app monitoring. I have to uninstall KSK from the phone of my Kids and reinstall it. Then I see all installed apps and their usage. Then, after a few days (with a few shutdowns over night), apps start to disappear from the list of installed apps in the Web UI. Consequently, their usage is also not monitored. That mostly effects games, but those are the majority of applications installed anyway. And it's not only a few missing but almost all. I have to deinstall and install KSK again to regain access. That is neither useful nore practical to achieve. So far, I didn't find any setting which may cause that problem. The phone is a Moto G4. Any ideas or work arounds would be very much appreciated. The way it is now, KSK is doing only a very limited part oof its job. Thanks and cheers!
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