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  1. Hi Nikolay, Thanks i will try it to change the published gateway to Slave server, hoped their is other workaround. Just last question does gateway agent support network profile?
  2. Hi Ivan, VPN will work for sure cause the gateway agent connect directly to KSC server thru LAN but I need to be over internet for this scenario. Network profile works with normal agent very good, but when used with gateway agent it doesn't work, always consider that I use a published gateway agent for all outside internet connection to KSC server. That's why I needed help as I think the problem is in 2 options even Gateway agent cannot communicate thru another gateway agent only direct connection to KSC server Or network profiles doesn't work when machine is gateway agents.
  3. KES client agent02 without internet access use the gateway agent02 with internet access to connect to KSC server gateway agent02 is connecting to KSC server thru another Gateway agent01 with static public IP for any external agents coming from the internet as we don't want to publish our KSC server to the internet. KSC server only have single LAN IP. so the problem is can we make a gateway agent02 connect and communicate to KSC server thru another gateway agent01? can agent02 reach the KSC server thru gateway02?
  4. Is it possible to achieve this scenario using KSC10 SP3 and KES11 or KES10_SP2MR2 ?
  5. I found what causing the problem: any encrypted files doesn't open inside Outlook 2010 attachments cache folder like "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\32UVUN1O\" even if open that folder outside outlook thru windows explorer and try to open encrypted attachments files inside it doesn't open whatever how many times i tried.... only when copy same files to any other folder like MY Documents it opens normally. that's why attachments doesn't open cause it caches the file inside the outlook cache folder while KES11 doesnt open any files inside that folder. Something changed in KES11 Encryption engine to access Outlook 2010 cache folder (didn't try other outlook versions). as all KES10 releases can open files inside this folder,,,,, the normal behavior is when opening encrypted attachment file it will not open unless you close it and open again at the second try it will open cause its now cached on the computer inside the cache folder and KES10 engine can read it and request its Key from Server after it is on computer not inside the email message.
  6. Hi Kiril, That is an engine problem so i don't want to get in traces file uploading hustle as always asked with or without any reason. Any way, All Endpoint protections were running outlook plugin KES11 version confirmed & turned on inside outlook. Once we revert back to KES10SP2 MR1 everything is working normal on x86 or x64 same behavior. it is as-if opening attachments inside email messages are not using KES11 encryption engine only local disk files that works even for the same attachments files inside the message if it saved on local drive opens correct but not while inside attachments. KES10SP2-MR2 and older normal behavior for opening encrypted attachments were never opening by the first try unless closed and opened again second or third time to be opened "i guess after first try the file is being cached on local computer so it could be opened on second or third trial" This is engine behavior not a problem that easily could be simulated by opening an encrypted attached file using WIN7 KES11 computer that were encrypted and sent via email by another computer connected to same KSC10. We already reverted all users machines (11 machines) that were final tested as last real life scenario testing before continuing upgrading the rest of users machines. by the way in all other areas KES11 were good & functioning normal. - What architecture of Outlook is used (x86/x64)? Both - Does the reproduce if Mail Anti-Virus is turned off? Didn't try to turn off "always on" - If Outlook plugin is turned off? Didn't try to turn off "always on" - What happens exactly when trying to open the attachment? doesn't open as it is encrypted file and normal message appears as unknown format or not supported format.
  7. Hi, Just to inform that KES11 encryption engine has a problem as it cannot opening any encrypted attached files. Please note that this is only to inform support as an malfunction engine problem as we revert all updated clients for testing new KES11 back to KES10SP2-MR1 and everything worked normal again. (attachments only doesn't open "tried opening 40+ times" as all files on local disk are opening correct and even if attachments saved to local disk open successfully) We are Using Outlook 2010 SP2 and Agent V.10.5 with FLE encryption applied. Only to inform support, but i don't want to troubleshoot this issue as we solved by reverting back to KES10SP2MR1. Dont send me to collect any trace files only reporting this issue if it isn't noticed. Thanks.
  8. We are applying FLE on all computers using Windows 7 and Office 2010 and all working fine except when attaching file to email message. If we attached a file using Microsoft outlook email message direct and browse to select attached file.... file attached is encrypted and sent encrypted. Above is correct behavior and working fine as we apply Application policy for Outlook to "grant access to encrypted files in ciphertext only". We found out that when attach a file using different way by right click on encrypted file > send to > Mail Recipient.... then the behavior changed to attach file and is decrypted automatically and sent decrypted. Is their a work around to make the attachment by right click stay Encrypted like the above behavior? clients use latest KES10 SP2 MR1 and agents are 10.4.343 Patch A.
  9. Thanks All, This is disappointment for such a logical scenario to not achieve, is it because we use password protection or what for reason?
  10. Server KSC10SP2 MR1 10.4.343 with SF1, and Patch A All network agents are 10.4.343 with SF1, Patch A Endpoints are mix but most are KES10SP2 and few other endpoints KES10SP1 MR3,MR4
  11. Hi All, We are using interface and uninstall password protection for KES10SP2 & KES10SP1MR4, Sometimes IT admins can disable or change a setting on local client interface for troubleshooting and forget to revert it back (like disable Device control or change access). How can KES revert and change back any disabled modules or changed settings to match with policy settings applied according to each group policy Automatically?
  12. We had the same issue Disk 100% and we also closed the case cause of not reaching any where with support and due to this issue we are negotiating with partner to cancel Kaspersky new License ordered and replace it with other vendor can achieve what in there documents, our case number was INC000007487049. I think there are issues in Encryption engine itself or its architecture in File Level Encryption specially when putting many extensions to handle like our case (Microsoft Documents + Text + PDF + Images)
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