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  1. So the kids have been installing tor browsers on their devices to get around protection (thanks to kids at school) How can I block tor? OpenDNS isnt blocking it and nor does kaspersky or Qustudio Ive blocked the URL
  2. look into Norton safe DNS & Open DNS I use kaspersky products with OPEN DNS which blocks most stuff its at router level (you point your dns resolutions ont he router to them) so it doesnt matter what device they use. Tricky thing is blocking content in apps
  3. So, the kids can bypass all kaspersky kids restrictions by, and I found out by looking over his shoulder, creating a guest account and getting in to everything. This is not acceptable. What needs to happen is kaspersky locks down the whole phone and then allows activity for the boys profile ONLY , not the other way around where the profile is locked down - he just creates another OR kaspersky needs to lock the new user function down ASAP My kid can now get to everything, ive had to put nortons DNS on my router to prevent getting to porn.
  4. So, the lad has been safe from internet browsing, and thats fine but i went through the instagram profile and the stuff being posted on there is graphic and gross. We had to have a discussion about no public profiles and no following anyone who isnt an immediate friend, however you search 'meme's and youll see what i mean This needs to be controlled somehow, such as as verification a profile is allowed or something like this
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