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  1. Hi Dmitry, where did anyone mention KART? what are you referring to so we can give you the information you need? We run the decryptor and get the message "Can not decrypt this file" in the box marked ERROR. Please look at the previous postings for the screen shot. This is all that happens. Instead of deccypting the process ends with that pop up. Cheers :dash1:
  2. I concur, No need to video this problem it is as simple as it has been described here. It happened to me after an initial successful decryption - do your servers block or inadvertently lock out subsequent attempts to decrypt the same ID number? I can only suggest to the Kasperky lab people to do that. Decrypt part of a computers data then try to do more on a second attempt. That is where it stopped for me. Any others on this board have the same conditions make it give the error? We would love to see a fix for this Thanks
  3. I reported this same problem on this forum previously on February 15th - no reply and have not been able to resolve it. Here is my screenshot, seems the same as Hotbits. my ID was !1492AEB6801B thanks Sean
  4. To great relief I found the updated cryptxxx 3 rannoh decryptor tool in January 2017 and i proceeded to decypt a number of critical files. These files were pulled onto a USB drive then brought to a host computer for decrypting. (the hard drive containing the encrypted files is out of the original computer which got rebuilt with new drives, this is the lone survivor of the raid array) (BRAVO Kaspersky) all went well. Going through the complete drive I have put all the encrypted data onto a portable hard drive (leaving all system files behind) when using the RannohDecryptor tool it gets to the ransom note and then messages "Cannot decrypt this file". I have done the following. used both the txt and html notes used the identical file that started the last successful decrypt Used the updated and unupdated (Dec 20 version) decryptor tested it on a package of files on the native hard drive All come up with the same error. If anyone else has run across this or has a work around please let me know as there are still very important files to recover that were not gotten on the initial successful pass. Thanks to all especially the awesome people at Kaspersky
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