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  1. Hallo, danke der Nachfrage, ja, nach einigem hin und her (siehe englisches forum) geht The BAt ohne einfrieren. Dafür blieb der Rechner meistens schon beim Booten hängen. Ich habe die Firewall (auch eine Trial) vorerst mal deinstalliert. Scheint jetzt ohne einfrieren zu gehen. Ich beobachte das mal weiter. Die Frage ist, ob ich überhaupt eine Firewall auf dem Rechner brauche, weil ich hinter einem Router mit NAT usw. sitze. Habe hier 4 Win98/XP/Linux clients und und 1 Linux File/Printserver mit Samba. Ich spiele nicht via Web. Mein Sohn noch nicht :-) Martin
  2. Well, now the computer freezed after boot. I deinstalled the Sygate Firewall and now all seems to be ok. No freezing so far. Do I need a firewall? My Network (4 Win98/winxp clients & a Linux File/Printserver) is behind a SMC Barricade Router with Firewall on board. Martin
  3. Ok, this solved the problem. Thank You Don. This forum is like talking on the telephone. Greetings Martin
  4. No, i used the one i downloaded a few days ago. Should I download a new one? Is there a new key delivered with a new download?
  5. Ok, done all that. BUT: There is no checkbox for iStream, the checkbox for REALTIME PROTECTION is there. The Rest of the window is blank. AND: The setup-program keeps on saying that my key has expired. In fact, it says that i have used the key for the evaluation program before and i need a new key. klimsetup doesnt seem to do anything when i click on it. It is only 70kB , maybe it runs and closes very fast, so i cannot see it doing something?
  6. Yes, date/time is correct 29/11/05 14:53 local in Germany and counting..... tick tick..
  7. Hello, I deinstalled KAV and did the procedure to remove all Norton Programms like i been told to do so by defekt in the ´Protection for Business´ Forum. Now KAV tells me that the key has expired. I never had a key for this trial version (or did i?) and the website said, it will run for 30 days. I installed it 3 or 4 days ago for the first time. Hum.. How should i evaluate a software that never ran properly on my system? greetings, Martin
  8. Hello, i am new to the forum. Installed KAV Personal 5.0.388 (Demo-Version) on a 800Mhz computer running win98se. When Real-time Protection is on, the computer freezes when shutting down !THE BAT 1.62r. When real-time protection is off, all is ok. There has been Norton Internet Security 2005 on the computer, but now is de-installed. Also, there is running Sygate Personal Firewall 5.5 build 2364. Where to start? greetings , Martin
  9. Hallo, habe KAV (s.o.) auf win98se. Bei eingeschaltetem Echtzeitschutz friert der Rechner ein, sobald ich !THEBAT v.1.62r beende. Auf dem Rechner läuft noch Sygate (s.o.). Irgendeine Idee?. ********************************************* Das Problem ist gelöst, siehe englischsprachiges Forum. Danke. *********************************************
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