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  1. Hi harlan4096: Thank you very much for your efforts. I sent a request to the Kaspersky support team and they resolved the issue for me. Warm Regards,
  2. Hi harlan4096: I checked the above thread and the link on it (http://ksn.kaspersky.com/) shows a video of few seconds about the working of Kspersky Security Network. This page does not have any option of adding a website in the queue for scanning of viruses to have the green. Forum users made individual requests for queuing and user "Mefodys" (a technical support engineer) has said that he has added them to KSN. Isn't there any other way for general public or should I make similar request in our forum? Thanks, C. S. Joshi
  3. Hi: I have enabled Kaspersky check in the web browser, which is very useful feature. However when I search for our website, even though there are no viruses on our website, it shows in grey colour instead of green colour (for safe sites). How to configure the Kaspersky so that our website is seen with green arrow instead of grey arrow. Thanks in advance. C. S. Joshi
  4. Hi: I have installed Kaspersky 5 on my computer and when I searched for our companies webste on google, the Kaspersky link indicator for our website is grey. If I hover my mouse over it, it tells me Unknown website No information on website safety (according to Kaspersky Security Network) _http://xxxxxxxx.xx/ Additional information Terms of Use What can I do so that it becomes green (that safe)? Is there any way wherein I can submit my website link to Kaspersky database so that it can check the link for viruses, etc. and make the link indicator green indicating that the website is safe. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi richbuff: As per your message, I contacted the support and after taking the steps suggested by them, this issue is resolved now. Thanks a lot for your support :bravo: .
  6. Hi richbuff: Thank you very much for your guidance. I have already been through the link provided by you and checked all those 4 steps. As per the attached screen shot of the Task Manager, I can see "Virtualization Enabled" message. Is there any other option?
  7. Hi: We had installed Kapseresky Small Office Security 5 on one of our laptops. The laptop service center formatted the harddisk of this laptop and installed the OS and drivers afresh. Before formatting the latpop, the protection against screenshots was working on this laptop, now after the re-installation of the same OS (Windows 8.1 64 bit), we are getting the above message as stated in the title. Could you please help us out in resolving this issue?
  8. Hi there: I received following email from Kaspersky Lab (india-info@kaspersky-apac.com) website. When I responded to the email address given, they told us that it is not for us but only for select customers. I am not sure then why were we sent this email for renewal or can they send us relevant offer for renewal ================================================================================ ====== When you choose Kaspersky Lab solution, you can be rest assured you’re protected by the world’s most tested, most awarded security. To deliver greater value, we are now offering you an additional validity of 3 months on your ‘Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business-Select’ license – should you decide to place your order before December 28, 2016. Important Points: This is a one-time offer only, valid for KESB Select solution, 1/2/3 years Order needs to be placed with Kaspersky Lab before December 28, 2016 Please contact your reseller to find out how you can claim the extra license validity If you have any queries, please email to apac-corpsales@kaspersky.com with “3 months Extra” in subject line Stay Protected, Kaspersky Lab ============================================================
  9. Hi: We subscribed to KSOS in May 2016 and that time we had downloaded and installed ksos15.0.2.361abcen_8396. Couple of days back, I happen to search Kaspersky website out of curiosity and that time I found that the latest version of the software is ksos17.0.0.611en_full. i. e. upgration of 2 versions of software. The software has been configured for automatic virus definition updates and accordingly it downloads the latest virus definitions from Kaspersky servers and updates the virus definitions. Can't Kaspersky also design the software such that when it 'sees' the software upgrade on the server, it downloads it and upgrade itself. This would reduce our time and efforts in visiting the Kaspersky website regularly to check if there is software upgrade, then download it and install it. I would also prefer that when you configure the Kaspersky software for download / send automatic upgrade patches, please send it only for affected parts so that the upgrade size is small (similar to virus definitions which are smaller patches released time to time) to download and it would take less time to upgrade. One interesting thing observed during this manual upgradation of the software was that, just before the upgradation, I had updated the virus definitions manually and after upgrading the software it downloaded the virus definitions to the tune of approximately 100 MB and updated them as well. Can't we use the same old virus definitions when we upgrade the software? Only additional software definitions compatible with the new software need to be downloaded instead of downloading the complete set of virus definitions. My above suggestions are for product improvements and you may take them up depending upon your priority.
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