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  1. attached... Not much in there. AdwCleaner_S0_.txt
  2. Thats the thing, I cannot find the file.... Kaspersky says its infected but I have no idea where "Java_sp.dll" exists.
  3. I checked the browsers, no toolbars. And the path makes no sense to me either. If this is a false-positive, is there anyway to stop this from blowing up my daily report? Its showing the same listing on both servers close to 2000 times, which really muddies up my reporting. Thanks
  4. Here ya go http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...f5c68836d8716ae
  5. Here is the KL_SYScure file, the GSI is too big for your forum. its 6mb, you only allow 300k KL_syscure.zip
  6. Attached is the full detail. I'll run GSI here in a moment.
  7. Hi, This virus is showing on 2 of our Servers. The result from Kaspersky is "Object not disinfected. Reason: writing is not supported. Object name: java_sp.dll/​/​data0001.res" I have googled this but cannot find any information on this virus. Need to get this cleaned up asap as one of the servers is our VCenter Box. Please assist.
  8. Network/AD Polling [In progress]

    Great, So another question. If I turn off AD polling, and a computer that has been offline for say, a month, comes back online. With it having the network agent installed, will it be able to locate the Admin Server strictly based off of the network agent? It doesn't need to be Polled in any way correct? Also, How much Bandwidth does network polling use? Been having a long-running issue with support about random use of bandwidth during the day.
  9. Hi, New admin here. Whats the point of polling? If all computers already have the network agent on them, why would I need to keep polling AD? or the network? I'm finding since our AD has not been cleaned in a while, kaspersky keeps bringing in old computer accounts that no longer exist, and its gumming up my data. Would stopping polling and removing computers that haven't contacted in 15ish days alleviate them from popping backing into the admin console?
  10. Hi, I can no longer find where the Update Agents for each individual group are. When I right-click and go to properties, the option is no longer there in the newer version Thanks
  11. Network agent update with KSC update? [In progress]

    Going from 10.2.434 to 10.3.407. Our network is nation wide and runs only 1.5mb T1. this WILL impact our network. I plan on doing this over the weekend, however not all laptops will be online at this time... So please answer my question, if network agents do not update when KSC is updated, will I lose connectivity to the machines on the older version? Thanks
  12. Hi, I am following this KB for upgrading KSC in our environment http://support.kaspersky.com/us/13027 It is asking me to also upgrade the network agent as the last steps Since we have almost 3000 machines, and run on a 1.5MB T1 connections, this would absolutly destroy our network. Is there any issue having the older network agent on the PCs? Or would that cause them to not contact the server correctly? Let me know Thanks