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  1. Yeah , at least it's something. Probably there's a problem with a way KIS handles secure connections or something. Too bad devs don't read this here.
  2. After some digging around on old posts I found out that turning off scanning encrypted connections from Settings- additional - network - do not scan... works. babalucco Could you try this too to see if it helps? I guess it's not safe that it doesn't scan them but still better than having to turn it off all together?
  3. Kaspersky Internet Security Also I tried fully updating my Windows now(win 10,x64) , didn't help.
  4. Out of nowhere Chrome won't connect to facebook.com and many other sites. Says this; It's same in Firefox, tried Clearing all history in chrome, trying other DNS ,nothing helped. Other devices on the same network don't have this problem. Then I turned off Kaspersky and out of nowhere it connects normally . What could be the issue here? I also tried disabling firewall, web antivirus(in KIS) and nothing really helps until I turn off the whole KIS. Pause protection also doesn't help. I have to go the icon of the app in taksbar and exit KIS.
  5. Do you maybe know of any good resellers than? I need 2 licences for kis 2017
  6. I found this on ebay: ~ebay.com~ It says it's authorised . What do you think? I'm sorry if I posted in wrong section ,I'm new to the forum.
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