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  1. thanks alot for the help, this did work with the key provided. im just wondering why gigabyte is sending out old versions of the software on the install disks?? -anyways thanks again!
  2. yes, i have KAV installed from the disk provided with my gigabyte mobo.
  3. hi, and thanks for responding so quickly. as i read it, im getting a key for "I Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Gigabyte International Edition"
  4. ok, i get this disk with my Gigabyte mobo. it has kaspersky on it, so i decide to install. It installs just fine. then it goes on telling me the trial period is past due, i need to purchase a key. im like ok fine. i goto kasperskys website and purchase the key for $31.50. They provide me with a link IN THE ORDER SHEET along with an activation code I JUST PURCHASED. So- the gigabyte version keeps asking me for a damn .key file..... when i purchased it, i was provided an activation code along with a link to DOWNLOAD version 6- not a .key file. So i figured the gigabyte version is outdated and proceeded to: i uninstalled the gigabyte version installed version 6 from the Download link. tried to activate using the key they provided, hook up to the server and errors out telling me wrong version- tried a few more times with steps above - no damn luck. i search this website for what a damn .key file is, found the link to paste my activation code and then to DL a .key file. i did just that, paste my code in, get the file, try and use in the Downloaded version 6 - tells my WRONG FRIGGIN VERSION AGAIN then i uninstall version 6- put the gigabyte version back on my 'puter. try the damn .key file again. STILL DONT WORK - tells me WRONG VERSION / NOT COMPATIBLE i try version 7 - STILL DOES NOT WORK - when i put activation code, then send to server, tells me WRONG VERSION FOR THE ACTIVATION code-------------------- Ive sent a couple emails to the US support team, no response. WTF is going on? they take my money, give my a bogus key that dont work on any versions on this kaspersky ?!??!? whats goin on??!?!!? my fuse is gettin a little short.
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