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  1. Добрый день! Пришел на почту вирус: Stampado Ransomware После его запуска зашифровались файлы и появился текстовый файл How to recover my files: All your files have been encrypted! All your documents (databases, texts, images, videos, musics etc.) were encrypted. The encryption was done using a secret key that is now on our servers. To decrypt your files you will need to buy the secret key from us. We are the only on the world who can provide this for you. Note that every 6 hours, a random file is permanently deleted. The faster you are, the less files you will lose. Also, in 96 hours, the key will be permanently deleted and there will be no way of recovering your files. What can I do? Contact us by email telling your ID (below) and wait for us to send the instructions. Contact us by: ћТИћ As a proof, you can send one encrypted file, so we will send it back decrypted. Use it as a guarantee that we can decrypt your files. Предыстория: письмо пришло сначала с адреса:babylonelite16@gmail.com Но в нём фигурировали адреса: admin_babylongaming@mail2tor.com и support_babylongaming@mail2tor.com. Затем пришло такое письмо: We had issues with the last 2 uploads it seems we had been infected with a malware with a message to email stampedosupport16@mail2tor.com to get files unlocked. we have fixed the issues now and this is fully working and tested You will need to turn off windows defender and add the file as an exception in your AV or turn it off this new update will install over the last one and remove any issues. i would try web installer first as its more stable at the moment this is the new link : download: https://mega.nz/#!fJcyjRgK decryption key : !ALEOnoLr5dW7RHaD8aOrG5uPJyPGvuv03mX8Vi9EGtw Password to the rar file is : gaming Шантаж о расшифровки файлов идет с адреса: stampedosupport16@mail2tor.com Письмо от злоумышленника с вымогательством (от stampedosupport16@mail2tor.com): you havE been hacked by h4ckse7en you havE been sent here from hacked account/software/email which has encypted your personal files this can only be unlockd by us - attempts to remove it will leave files permantly encrypted you havE 96 hours untll all files are permantly crypted unlock this you need 2 pay for your key which is unique to each ID PAYMENT BY BITCOIN ONLY PERSONAL COMPUTERS: 0.5 BITCOINS BUSINESS COMPUTERS: pay within 0-24hrs: 1.50 bitcoin pay within 24-48hrs: 3.50 bitcoin pay within 48-72hrs: 6.00 bitcoin pay within 72-96hrs: 10.00 bitcoin After 96 hours files can not be retrieved WE CAN CHECK FILES AND ID IF YOU ARE A BUSINESS . IF A BUSINESS PAY FOR PERSONAL COMPUTER RATE THERE FILES MAY BE LOCKED PERMANTLY. BE AWARE To buy bitcoins search google. localbitcoins is fastest, after buying bitcoins they will be in your wallet in account on the site. send the bitcoins to the wallet address: 15dVCqnjV9NzontYkzFzebTJWNUU5WrfK8 **************************************************** once you havE paid send an email to stampedopayment@mail2tor.com with PAID and your ID in the title to recieve your unlock key include also transaction id and your email address in the email to prove payment . *************************************************** NO EMAILS WILL BE REPLIED TO AT THIS ADDRESS stampedopayment@mail2tor.com will only respond to emails marked PAID with a valid transaction ID we do not negotiate. Do not beg or Haggle. this is a set price to release your key. otherwise you lose all files. this has also infected your USB port so network keys and external harddrives are also infected. if you can not pay you have to work. you have to infect 20 computers. h4ckse7en Куда можно пожаловаться на мошенников? И подскажите, как возможно расшифровать мои файлы, зная id? С помощью decrypt_stampado, но ничего не получилось.
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