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  1. using KTS 2017 causes my facebook to lag on chrome browser. will there be any fix. the Av slows performance.
  2. that sucks i installed my KTS yesterday. let it download updates then restart pc and it was version b
  3. heres a message from them for any 1 interested. Thank you for contacting Kaspersky Lab Technical Support. We do apologize for the inconvenience Kaspersky is causing you. The patch updates are automatically distributed in stages, on the 5th of September it was available to 30% of users worldwide, and as of today (8 September 2016) it is expected to reach 100% of users worldwide. Please give it about 24 hours as of today to receive the update. We currently do not have a way of manually distributing the patch b update to you. Thanks for your time and consideration. Have a good day.
  4. thank you for the answer schulte. i feel better knowing a actual date. do you know if affected users get any licenese compensation?
  5. i shouldnt even need to ask. why isnt there word on this. what is wrong with this company. its like 0 customer support. and the moderators need to do a better job answering questions.
  6. when is patch b coming out? i heard the 5th but thats obviously wrong.
  7. its been like a week of no protection or the browser plugin protection for web surfing. when is the patch coming out kaspersky devs??? every 1 left unprotected for a week isnt good. and no useful information when the fix is coming.
  8. where is this goddam patch?????????????????????????????????? http://support.kaspersky.com/12790#block1 only patch a. i want all this time added back to my license to!!!!!!!!!!!!! doubt id resubscribe after this crap experience.
  9. this is ridiculous wheres our extra days on our subscription. i cant upload a 1gb file because my upload speed is 20kbs. the help hasnt been helpful for me. i want 7 days added to my subscription for jerking me around.
  10. havent been able to use this for a few days now due to bsod and no patches being sent to me with terrible service because i cant upload a bloody 1gb file when my upload speeds is 20kb. i want extra days added to our subscription. i think we should the products not working and my subscripttion goes down with out using the app. the help here hasnt helped me at all.
  11. memory dump is 1.9gb. impossible for me to upload it. i would like to see a better answer then that richbuff. i dont know if i would resubscribe after this experience. bad buisness practise and not the support id like to see. i also dont like you deleteing post that can be informative. and no info on a patch. just telling us to contact support -___-
  12. dissapointing. i get this bsod to. regularly now. i searched my memory dumps and it says the same kneps.sys. im uninstalling kaspersky for the time being. i would like to see this adressed quickly.
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