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  1. ok, thank you very much, but there are ways to correct this anomaly, since we are blocked on this task that do not run before planning the upgrade.
  2. we have encountered problems on the task of 'Remote installation of an application' after having made the upgrade to the latest Kaspersky security center 10.2.434, at the execution of the task, the result is always: with success, even in case of a non-operational position, and really the application does not install. Do you have an idea?
  3. Hello, the problem is solved; thank you so much for your assistance. Best Regards,
  4. ok, thank you very much, it is clear now I'll turn this off by monitoring if the problem repeats. Thank you.
  5. Hello, the download link GSI Report: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7wisKiGD...SWtBdzk3Wk9mYlk .I sent you two Reports: one of the machine caused problems, and one of normal machine's employe. Thank you, Regards.
  6. Hello, I can send you the GSI report by Mail? I have a problem on account CompanyAccount Ksc. Regards,
  7. Ok, here is it " INC000006904533 ". Thank you so much. Best regards.
  8. Is this option checked means that all computers in the administration server are Networks agent? how to choose a network agent? in the piece attached yesterday, KSC server is: l-sbai @ ... com ( a client machine ) and this is not our server KSC.
  9. Aattached an event to understand. KSC (10.2.434) KES (
  10. Maybe in the configuration, there's the concept of delegation between two administrations servers..no?
  11. the version installed on posts KSC is 10.2.2, after network discovery due to the bombing of bandwidth, we analyzed the post. after this analysis, we found Windows Kaspersky logs with warning, or more computers trying to contact the post in question (who plays the role of the server) to retrieve updates via port 13000. when blocking port 13000 on this machine. the incident goes to another computer, and the company's computers contact the new machine via port 13000. The port 13000 is automatically opens on the infected machine that bombards the network. Best regards.
  12. Hello, due to network disruption (Internet connection failure), it was found That a post of the company bombards bandwidth. after analysis of Kaspersky Windows logs, we found that this machine is treated as administration server, and all machines trying to contact it for updates KSC via port 13000 which opens only when the incident start (retrieving updates). do you have any idea? Regards,
  13. ok, tu peux me recommander un lien?
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