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  1. Hi, I have a client which is facing problems to install KES 11. When she is trying to install, KES says that clamav is installed on machine, but she cannot find where it is and how to uninstall. How can I deal with that? there is a .txt with kremoval tool. RemovalDetect.txt
  2. Hi, I am looking for this information for the last version of KES 10 for linux. My question is about if I have a compressed package into another compressed package into another compressed package and going... I know that the KES 11 for windows supports until 10 levels of compressed packages. I would like to know how many levels KES 10 for Linux supports for scanning compressed packages in this cenarios. I mean as... C:\file1.7z\file2.7z\file3.7z\file4.7z\file5.7z\file6.7z\file7.7z\file8.7z\file9.7z\file10.7z I have a prospect who needs this information.
  3. Hi, I would like to know how many compressed levels in a compound file such as a .rar ou zip file the product for linux can scan.
  4. Hi guys. I am looking for the best practices for the policies and tasks of KES 10 SP1 for Linux. There is any article or guide explaining which is the best way to configure this product on KSC?
  5. Thanks @Nikolay Arinchev Just a suggestion ... I believe that the links to remote installation should bring the packages .deb or .rpm, this would avoid this type of doubt.
  6. Well... I had already found this article about the installation for Network Agent, my question is about KES. The main question is because I can download the .kud from support but it just creates a little package with few KBs, and when a run de task, it just returns a error saying that the installer can not be found.
  7. Hi, I am trying to find the procedure to install KES 10 SP1 for Linux using KSC, but it is not available in the online help on support.kaspersky.com. Could someone provide the procedure?
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