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  1. On a Dell Studio XPS 8100 with all partitions on one drive how do you rebuild the array. It starts with ARRAY0. Does the BIOS do that or do I need to boot from other software on a DVD? If software, which one (or more). Thanks. ARRAY0 is 39.19 MB FAT16. ARRAY1 is 9.42GB BOOT. ARRAY 2 is 922.06 GB NTFS. These are per a G-parted boot CD, except it shows these partitions as ARRAY1, ARRAY2, and ARRAY3. The BIOS shows them as o, 1, and 2. There is also 1.25MB unallocated space at the end. By the way it appears somebody either never set up the mirroring or undid it. It isn't my computer. There is a second 1 TB had drive, but it is formatted to two 465GB partitions and is otherwise blank. Again, how do I rebuild ARRAY0? The BitDefender Rescue CD made it disappear. Thanks. In this case "Rescue CD" is sure a misnomer!
  2. I had the same thing happen when I recently ran the BitDefender Rescue CD on a Dell Studio XPS 8100. It erased the first raid array that pointed to a different partition where the Windows boot files are. Kaspersky is not the only one with a problem.
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