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  1. System watcher was the problem, thank you to those who suggested disabling it. I tried a reinstall first, which fixed the problem BEFORE updating the software and then I tried disabling system watcher after updating.
  2. I am not running windows server edition. Its windows 8.1 machine thats simply hosting files. It has been running for over a year without doing this, it started 3 weeks ago. Something changed with the kaspersky software in an update.
  3. So why has it worked fine for the past 14 months? Some update to kaspersky did this. no change has been made to the 'server' in question. I will raise a support ticket.
  4. Hello. I am having an issue that started a few weeks ago and I've just gotten around to attempting to fix it. I have a very simple network, all machines are windows 8.1, all connected via gigabit and I use 1 machine to host files and the others to access them. My issue is I use MS Office 365 and when opening and saving files on the network, there is a 5 to 10 second delay. Upon opening, you see at the bottom of excel or word that the file is 'downloading'. I looked up a ton of fixes for this and tried them, none worked. Then I tried disabling KIS on the 'server' and that fixed the problem. Obviously I do not want to be running without anti virus, so I am trying to find out how I can correct this issue. I'm convinced there was some kind of update to KIS about 3 or 4 weeks ago that caused this, as this network has been running for over a year with no issues like this, and no hardware or software has changed. The server also has 2 SSD drives, and when checking network speeds, there is no slowdown outside of office. Does anyone have some suggestions on some adjustments I can make to KIS on the server to fix this problem? Thank you.
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