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  1. Yes, that helped. I moved the folder to drive E and nothing seems to have broken. Thanks.
  2. I changed the patch location for disk space management reasons.
  3. I used the account switch utility to store the patches in "D:\Kaspersky Lab". After that, the "D:\Kaspersky Lab\1F88-160328-195651-267-152" existed, presumably created by KSC 10. Later I used the account switch utility to store the patches in "E:\Kaspersky Lab". All I'm trying to do is get KSC 10 to store these files in "E:\Kaspersky Lab\1F88-160328-195651-267-152" rather than "D:\Kaspersky Lab\1F88-160328-195651-267-152", so that I can delete the "D:\Kaspersky Lab" folder.
  4. Kaspersky folks - can you answer my question about how to move this folder?
  5. These appear to be key files used and maintained by KSC. Here are the files in that folder (with names changed): 5B715D5D.key 5B715E5D.key ActivationCodes_1F37-143328-195651-267-152.txt CompatibilityList.txt Licence_1F37-143328-195651-267-152.pdf
  6. I use it on around 40 workstations and 10 servers. Overall I like the patching abilities that KSC gives me - but there are things that need improvement. Here are the things I would like to see changed. Give me the ability to store updates and patches in a specified location. Currently the account switch utility lets me move about half the updates to a drive other than C, but the FTServer folder still contains over 100GB of files. I saw the post about using a junction. That's a hack that may work - but you really should let me specify the patch storage location as one folder that contains all those files. Definitely a pain having that FTServer folder on my C drive. My list of available updates contains LOTS of foreign language patches. That may be in part because I may have had KSC download patches before I discovered the place where I can specify the languages to download. But now my list has hundreds of foreign language patches. I've selected them and said to delete them - but they never leave the list. I want the ability to select them, delete them, and they disappear from the list. Need more information in the log for when a patch doesn't install properly. Currently all it says is "Completed with error" and "Updates installed: X out of Y". When multiple patches fail it can be difficult to tell which patches succeeded and which failed, and why they failed, as shown in the attachment image. When looking at the list of available patches under "Software updates", the Search function needs work. It should perform a case-insensitive search for the specified text contained anywhere within the Name, Description, Security level according to MSRC, or Severity level columns.
  7. When I installed Kaspersky Security Center 10 I did the the account switch utility to change the "Patch storage folder" to "D:\Kaspersky Lab\adminkit". Afterwards, there was a "D:\Kaspersky Lab\1F88-160328-195651-267-152\" folder that contains a couple of .key files. I assume that's where KSC stores the key files it has been told about. Later I used the account switch utility to change the "Patch storage folder" to "E:\Kaspersky Lab\adminkit". That worked, but the key files are still in the "D:\Kaspersky Lab\1F88-160328-195651-267-152\" folder. I'd like to move the key files to the "E:\Kaspersky Lab\..." folder. How can I do that?
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