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  1. I'm running KTS 2018 on Windows 10. Safe Money is enabled for my banking, shopping and other websites. However, although it informs that the website is opened in a protected browser and a rectangular green window at the bottom right of the browser confirms it is a KTS Protected Browser, plus the padlock and https are displayed, there is NO GREEN FRAME!!! So, is protection activated? Yes or No?
  2. Rootkit scanning is useful but it is a disaster on performance when it self-activates without our knowledge. Is there anyway to control manually when a rootkit scan is activated or is it already part of, say, a full scan?
  3. Thanks Richbuff. But surely you jest with all those steps to go through!? I'm not even sure if I'm savvy enough to perform them correctly! Frankly, I doubt most "normal" users could. We pay for the privilege of being able to use user-friendly software that works and most of the time, Kaspersky is great. FYI, I've just installed another AV on the problem laptop - yes, I had to uninstall Kaspersky (why can't different security software co-exist happily?) Guess what? It appears to have fixed the problem somehow. The other AV didn't specifically detect any specific malware to be rid of, but those pesky pop-ups stopped appearing! So sadly (or happily), the other AV will stay installed on that laptop until Kaspersky works out a seamless solution for this problem.
  4. A few weeks ago, I started getting incessant pop-up messages asking "Do you want to save banner.js (11 bytes) from na.ads.yahoo.com?" The "banner.js" is also often replaced by other names. There is no option to delete it, except to save, save as, or cancel, and the next one then pops up. In my case so far, this currently happens when I am on a Yahoo website on any browser but I have heard of others who encounter this with other websites. I've included na.ads.yahoo.com in the list of blocked websites but it doesn't work. Neither does a full scan of Kaspersky Internet Security - it does NOT find anything! When I researched the internet, I discover this malware has been around since at least 2015. Why doesn't Kaspersky software have the capability to fix it? I'm now trialling the Bitdefender and other products to see if they can fix this!
  5. Thanks for your reply, richbuff. But I'm not sure how it can be done - if you read my account of events, the only apps that run are Kaspersky, Malwarebytes, IE and Chrome. I cannot invoke any other apps nor Win functions, either from desktop or task bar - cannot even access my folders nor desktop to save screenshots to etc, so all my work is in a deep black abyss somewhere. With pressures on my time (due to travel soon) and not knowing when a fix is available (if at all), it's probably less expensive to just get a new computer and start all over from my last backup. At least I'm moving forward instead of being in limbo. Kaspersky would want to stay alert for similar incidents if others inadvertently find themselves locked out.
  6. On the update page where you run the Kaspersky updates. It's the first thing I check after I start the computer every day. Have not checked it after a re-boot as I would have no reason to do another update so soon - in any case, it's set to update automatically.
  7. This same issue hit me earlier this week and I am still STUCK! For a moment, I thought it might be ransomware but there have been no demands and browsing through this forum, it looks like Kaspersky is responsible. I had been on the computer (running Win 10) for a while and did the latest KL updates before it popped up, so Patrick O'Keefe's timing suggestion doesn't apply here. In my case, I selected the Kaspersky option in the pop-up and it then asked if I fully trusted Kaspersky - so, yeah. All good so far during this session. BUT the next time I started up my system, there was a pop-up saying my DESKTOP APPS WERE DISABLED! My screen only showed the Win icons on the left side - everything else was GONE! I couldn't even shut down using Windows and had to force-shut it with the power button on my computer. On restarting, the screen displayed all my desktop icons this time BUT they were all re-arranged as if an app had reset them. Guess what? NOTHING WORKED, even from the task bar except for Kaspersky, Malwarebytes, IE and Chrome. Clicking on Win 10's EDGE browser icon displayed a message "Class not registered" Clicking on other icons displayed "Remote procedure call failed and did not execute" I could not bring up any Windows functions, not even the Windows explorer - so I couldn't even back up my data files!! So I ran a full scan with Kaspersky and later with Malwarebytes, but NOTHING amiss was detected. Note that the System Changes Control in Kaspersky were checked and ON, so nothing should be changed without Kaspersky controlling it. The only way to shut down was to physically press the computer's power button or do CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring up the screen and select the power option at the bottom right of the screen. I've started and restarted my computer every day as standalone, networked etc BUT no satisfaction. It's one thing to purchase another computer and start all over but my current data files are in the affected computer. Even with loading my backup, it's a long haul to update manually everything done since the last backup. I'm only online now, thanks to a loaned computer. So my question is, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FIX IT ?? & WHO PAYS FOR MY LOST TIME, OPPORTUNITY COSTS, PENALTIES FROM MISSED DEADLINES ETC???
  8. I have a somewhat similar problem, except it shows consistently as 1 month since the last update even though I updated it the day before. May be a bug in the code? KL should state if this is something to be worried about in case there are unforeseen flow-on effects.
  9. I have some websites added on in Safe Money using I.E. 11 running Win 7 32-bit. When starting those websites, Kaspersky browser turns orange and displays : "Kaspersky Internet Security is not providing complete protection of your data: plug-ins are disabled". The Kaspersky advice is to then to install add-ons for Kaspersky Protection Toolbar and plugin. HOWEVER, the Kaspersky network settings does not display the INSTALL button thus implying these are already installed. Sure enough, when I check the MANAGE ADD-ONS in I.E., it shows these are already installed and enabled. So is Safe Money working or malfunctioning and what do I do?
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