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  1. Hello, does Kaspersky provide a news feed for important software updates? Something like Technews¹ but as a RSS/Atom feed? Kind regards, Aiko ¹: https://support.kaspersky.com/technews
  2. Now it is available on its own. I'm able to create stand-alone packages now. Kind regards, Aiko Barz
  3. I have not found a way myself either to create a standalone packet. I was able to rollout MR3 by "approving" it in > Advanced -> Application Management -> Software updates I also found it in > Advanced -> Repositories -> Updates -> Application modules But it does not appear in > Advanced -> Remote installation -> Installation packages -> View current version of Kaspersky Lab applications So, what is the trick? Kind regards, Aiko
  4. We are in the process of moving to Kaspersky. One of our notebooks (Windows 8.1) does not connect to our VPN gateway like it did before. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. From the server's point of view the connection is established. But on the client side the following message appears: > Error 13843: Invalid Payload Received. I cannot find anything useful in the logs. The gateway is doing its job happily for everybody else. How do I debug this systematically? Is it possible, that the Kaspersky firewall interferes with the IKEv2 establishment process? I would try to disable the "NDIS 6 Filter" in the interface configuration for testing purposes. Any hints are welcome. Kind regards, Aiko Barz
  5. Yes, multiple times. We are using a separate MS WSUS.
  6. Hello, the "Software updates" page tells me, that there is an update (KB3135449) missing on the Kaspersky host itself. On the other end, Microsoft tells me, that this update is installed. Is there anything I can do about this? Kind regards, Aiko Barz
  7. Some reasons: * To protect to login credentials. * Because entry level certificates are even for free these days. I expect your customers are using the same credentials everywhere else. For example here: * https://companyaccount.kaspersky.com * https://center.kaspersky.com/ * https://anti-theft.kaspersky.com The sites above may have different database backends that are not shared with this forum. But believe me. Some of your customers do not have different passwords for different sites. Kind regards, Aiko
  8. Hello, is there a way to block all executables in %userprofile% from the KDC? Here is an example for the Microsoft AppLocker. It blocks all executables in %userprofile%, except for some vendors like some special Browser-Plugins like Webex and so on: https://community.spiceworks.com/how_to/596...-gpo-app-locker Our users do not have any privileges but they can still open malicious email attachments, that place executables in their TMP folders within %userprofile%. Think of cryptolockers. It would be nicer if they could not start those binaries in the first place instead of relying on signatures and behavior. The AppLocker functionality for Windows 10 is only available for volume license users. We are not big enough for that kind of thing. Kind regards, Aiko
  9. There is a default rule "Any network activity", that permits any packets from "Trusted networks". I added a number of IPv4 and IPv6 networks to "Trusted networks". My observation: RDP (TCP/3389) is open for IPv4 connections but not for IPv6 connections. There is another default rule: "Remote Desktop network activity" That one is explicitly for TCP/3389. I set this rule to "Allow" for "Trusted networks". My observation: Now, the IPv6 port is open as well. Question: Does "Any network activity" not include IPv6 activity? Kind regards, Aiko PS.: I use KSC 10.2.434
  10. Hello, I really would like to see a HTTPs variant of this forum. At least a HTTPs login would be nice... Kind regards, Aiko
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