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  1. This really gives concern to the quality control aspect. Unfortunately for Kaspersky, our company was evaluating your products for a large organizational wide deployment.
  2. Yep, same here, support gave me instructions which I detailed here: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=151541
  3. All of our KAV WSEE v6 MP2 installs are freaking out this morning. KAVFSWP.exe process is pegging the processor, then crashing out, then relaunching to do it all over again. Was on hold for KAV support for almost 20 minutes, they are aware of the problem its apparently with a bad App Definitions Database update. They had me STOP real-time protection, disable Application Database Update via the Schedule tab on properties, then run the Database Update Rollback task, which brings the Database State (in Statitistics) to: Database release date: 12/30/2009 7:31:55AM (UTC) Databases records count: 3415713 Once the Database is to that release, you can then resume Real-time, but they instructed me to not resume any Database updates until they call me back. They took my contact information. I have just finished making the rounds on my 25 installs. Ugh. This stinks. :angry: They are apparently receiving many calls on this issue this morning. Enjoy!
  4. Thanks for the fast response. Turns out I don't need to uninstall CF7 as I am running build 555. Regardless, I don't see a way to use Add/Remove programs to remove a Crit Fix as it is not a listed installed item. I can uninstall the main Kaspersky installation, but that would not be desired.
  5. I should state, the Automatic Update Modules method within the KAV console is failing, forcing me into the manual method.
  6. Please someone, how do you uninstall Crit Fixes!?!?! The msiexec command does NOT work for me, I put it in as: msiexec /package {product_code} /uninstall "criticalfix7(kb2015)_x64.msp" /qb
  7. I am unable to uninstall CF7, where is this documented!?!? The msiexec command does not work for me.
  8. Hmm I disagree. "Problems with high CPU usage and KAV EE on Server 2008 x64" matches my problem precisely. Regardless, it's probably a good thing to have multiple threads on this issue, maybe it will spur Kaspersky to recognize there is a serious problem with Enterprise Edition and Server 2008 x64. It is not fixed by build 555, CF7.
  9. Had to remotely kill the KAVFS service using SC command from another Server in the same local subnet. Now I can RDP to the system. Kav is making me look like an idiot to my boss. Why is it pegging my servers!?!?! Unacceptable. :angry:
  10. Need an update, I've been working with KAV corporate support but still experiencing problems with build 555, CritFix 7. Right now I have an unresponsive server, I can't get to it remotely and I know that its KAV. This is a production file and print system and I am losing patience.
  11. Ve know of no votfix dat you speak of. Kindly move along. Nuting to see here. To think I was actually considering an enterprise deployment of KAV. :angry:
  12. Ok, well I did a restart on one of my systems and compared against one that has not been restarted yet. Apparently this update took me from to C. So apparently this update was hotfix C. Now, how do I findout what hotfix C is? and I still want to know how I could have determined this prior to rebooting the system. My management requires me to know these things and provide information for our internal version control database. Can anyone help me?
  13. How do I determine what was updated and why? I require additional information for version control.
  14. Hello, I am fairly new to KAV for Windows Servers and am trying to learn to administer this product. We do not yet have an installation of the Admin Kit so this is a stand-alone installation with Email notification configured. This morning I received the included email message. I am curious as an admin, how do I investigate to see exactly what was updated on this Server? Additionally, I am concerned that I am unable to restart this Server for at least a week in our environment, is AV protection hampered until I restart? Product: Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for Windows Servers Version Operation system: Microsoft Windows 2003 R2 Server Standart Edition x64 Edition Service Pack 2 (build 3790) Computer: SERVERNAME Domain: DOMAINNAME Notifications: Important: 5/28/2008 10:25:01 AM Please restart your computer to complete the installation of new or updated protection components.
  15. Wanted to clarify my version is 5.0.227, not 5.0.527. I hope to proceed on this today and will weigh back in on the thread. One side question, how do I determine my current iStreams and "realtime protection against network attacks" status? These are selectable options during the install of 5.0.676 and Im pretty sure incorrect answers on these can deliver the blue screen of death on reboot feature which I would prefer to avoid.
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