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  1. I have been running installer.exe /s for a long time now and only recently it started coming up with a KSN screen, if I want to use it or not. Is there a new flag in the installer?
  2. That worked. Thank you. It sure would have been great if that had been in Kaspersky's documentation which I looked through before attempting to deploy this.
  3. I can. A box comes up that says there was a problem with the preview but there's a download button under that.
  4. Okay, here is the link https://drive.google.com/file/d/14D4iM776s5HBzNYR99BD-fabYGktA74B/view?usp=sharing
  5. I ended up mounting my hard drive to another Kaspersky-encrypted machine and I set up a policy on that one to decrypt removable drives. I plugged it in USB and it immediately started decrypting. I plugged it back into my computer and the Kaspersky client started running. I hate saying this is resolved because my original issue of having it not work to upgrade Windows 10 while encrypted (which Kaspersky documentation says will work but Support says you shouldn't do...ughhh!) hasn't had resolution exactly, but my drive is decrypted and the client works again, so I guess it's resolved?
  6. A point of clarity...There were a couple things at play. It turned out that the VMs weren't accessing all SVMs. I changed it to a list of explicit IP addresses and once I did that, all of the other SVMs for version 4.0 started doing the same thing I mentioned before. So if they interact with VMs, they quit working...
  7. It is now also doing it again on the other one that I blew away and re-created earlier
  8. I'm getting segfaults on one of my SVMs (4.0). I had it happen on two of mine, I blew them both away and re-created them, and one of the two re-created ones is still having the issue. It will then tell me the databases are at 2/1/2017 and that obviously messes with the protection of some of my VMs. See attached screenshots.
  9. I'm running the following command and attached is my log with error: msiexec.exe /i "Kaspersky Network Agent.msi" ALLUSERS=1 /qn /norestart /log output.log SERVERADDRESS="localhost" EULA=1 Deployment 23467 WTF-HZLMWL1 Step 1.txt
  10. My policy doesn't have self-defense enabled, looking at the device itself in KSC, self-defense is turned off, and the client doesn't run so I don't know how it would get that setting anyway.
  11. If you notice above: I got the same error still So you are advising that I use kavremover against my encrypted computer?
  12. I haven't heard anything from this after uploading my GSI a couple weeks ago
  13. I have downloaded KES 11 and the FDE pre-check utility and I keep getting "* [MAJOR] Found active KLFDE driver, version: 4 I have done KAVremover of KES 10 SP2, which was previously installed, and with which it was previously encrypted. Any ideas?
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