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  1. Encryption frozen preboot

    Hi, the private fix works!!! Good job. Thank you and we can close it.
  2. Encryption frozen preboot

    Hi Here is first info about test. I tested on one NB - encryption preboot is OK, keyboard -OK My the customer test on same NB and encryption and keyboard - OK. We will test again tomorrow and I will send new info. I have a question, can you tell me where the problem is? If the new DELL notebook is purchased, will it be a problem?
  3. Encryption frozen preboot

    Hi, I still wait on fix for test. Thank you
  4. Encryption frozen preboot

    Hi, ok , I created new incident - INC000008249535 Thank you
  5. Encryption frozen preboot

    If you can, logs from today. fde_precheck.log fde_precheck_report.txt
  6. Encryption frozen preboot

    Hi, I performed the first test classically, started FDE and restarted the notebook. Normally I went through FDE tests. I saw a keyboard problem in the log, so I did the whole test again. Therefore, two results. During the test, the keyboard works normally.
  7. Encryption frozen preboot

    Hi, I decrypted HDD and uninstalled KES. I tested FDE tool. 1.fde - first test (I can see at log problem with keyboard, I ran test again) 2.fde - second test 1.fde_precheck.log 1.fde_precheck_report.txt 2.fde_precheck.log 2.fde_precheck_report.txt
  8. Encryption frozen preboot

    Hi, Boot sequence - Legacy Advanced Boot Options - Enable Legacy Option Roms Thank you
  9. Encryption frozen preboot

    Hi, Here is GSI report. https://share.m-com.cz/index.php/s/Da3ptxuaY3Z4AAT
  10. Encryption frozen preboot

    Here is trace log Trace.rar
  11. Encryption frozen preboot

    Hi, When I use the keypad after the restart, it will freeze. But USB usb password can be entered.
  12. Encryption frozen preboot

    Hi, I tested this tool on NB, where is installed KES 10SP2 Here are logs fde_precheck.log fde_precheck_report.txt
  13. Hi, I have problem witt last version KES10 and encryption notebook DELL Latitude 5580. After encrypt HDD and reboot, I can use notebook keyboard. When I only one clik on keyboard - Encryption preboot frozen. When I set password with external USB keyborad, no problem. Thank you
  14. Device control - report

    Yes, thank you
  15. Device control - report

    Hi, YES!!!!!!! Thank you very much.