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  1. Hi, Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server detected Event "Probably infected object detected" happened on computer in the domain.Probably infected object detected: Trojan HEUR:Trojan.Win32.Miner.gen. Object name: C:\Windows\Fonts\DHCP\svchost.exe Object not disinfected. Reason: object is in use by other application. Object name: C:\Windows\Fonts\DHCP\svchost.exe I did not find how remove this Trojan. Thank you
  2. Switch NA on new KSC + GW

    Hi, switch profiles IN and OUT is easy, but profiles OUT1 and OUT2 is problem. The computer now use profile OOO and dont change to profile migration. Rules for Outsid1.docx
  3. Switch NA on new KSC + GW

    HI, Yes, I can create new profile at old NA, but I have problem - switch rules, when the computer is outside and share same settings(domain, DHCP, GW..) NA.klp
  4. Switch NA on new KSC + GW

    Hi, I cannot use task - Change Administration server - this task is not for computers outside. The task has not - connection GW.
  5. Switch NA on new KSC + GW

    Hi, OLD KSC - 10.4.343 OLD NA - 10.4.343 NEW KSC 10.4.343 NEW NA 10.4.343 SF1
  6. Switch NA on new KSC + GW

    Hi, Yes, I know task about change KSC server and I used this task for migration computers at LAN and domain. But, Can I use same task for computers which are out side, not at domain, not vpn? The computer communication with old KSC over tunnel at firewall and I can move this computer on new KSC with Connection Gateway. Thank you
  7. Switch NA on new KSC + GW

    Hi, can you send me link, where I can find info about klsrwswitch? Thank you
  8. Switch NA on new KSC + GW

    Yes, I wrote, that I must migration computers, which are not at LAN or VPN from old KSC to on new KSC. When I tried migration over task - install NA with new config, but this When I tried to migrate through a task - install the NA with a new configuration, running from the old KSC, so it does not work
  9. Switch NA on new KSC + GW

    Hi, yes, OOO works. OOO is old profile at NA on old KSC. The client communication The client communicates prior to migration , and does not communicate with any KSC after migration
  10. Switch NA on new KSC + GW

    Hi, 1 - I enabled profile OOO 2- installed NA package with new settings from old KSC And here are logs $klpkinst.log klnagchk.log
  11. Switch NA on new KSC + GW

    Hi yes OLD NA is old settings from old KSC NA_Package is new package from new KSC with new config -I used this package for migration OLD_NA.klp NA_package.docx
  12. Hi, I have problem with switch communication from old KSC on new KSC on computers out side( No internal LAN, no VPN) The computers communicate with internal KSC over port forwarding on FW. The new KSC use Connection GW for computers -outside. I created NA package on new KSC and I created task on old KSC with this package. The task run on remote computes, NA off, NA start, but NA dont switch communication(used old profile at NA) Thank you
  13. Hi, the problem was - At least 2 % of contiguous free disk space shall be available on the disk for encryption. I moved same folders to external HDD and delete all recovery point - folder system volume information (75GB) I used command promt defrag C: /X - after finish - Largest free space size 6GB. Encryption is running. Thank you all
  14. Hi, O&O defrag This disc is original, but original OS was Win 7, actually OS is Win 10. Here is problem...