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  1. kral.ondrej

    Tasks - view error

    Can you tell me answer on my question about database maintenance task? I would be sure ti fix this task. Thank you
  2. kral.ondrej

    Tasks - view error

    Hi, I have question. Can task - Database maintenance - repair this problem? On Friday was problem with open global task, on Monday is all KSC running on 100%. The task - Database maintenace was run at Saturday. Can I see, what this task "repair"? Same detail log? At KSC is only run task and complete. Thank you
  3. kral.ondrej

    Tasks - view error

    Hi INC000009245918
  4. kral.ondrej

    Tasks - view error

    Hi, I must open new INC about this problem. When I have a solution, I will put it here.
  5. kral.ondrej

    Tasks - view error

    Hi, KSC database is on production MS SQL server. The database is not so easy to restore. I find, that a similar problem was at older version KSC and exist FIX for KSC10 SP2 MR1 Thnak you
  6. kral.ondrej

    Tasks - view error

    Hi, here is log https://share.m-com.cz/index.php/s/RsuyL87JqaxH0AV
  7. kral.ondrej

    Tasks - view error

    Version KSC is 10SP3
  8. kral.ondrej

    Tasks - view error

    Hi, When I can open Tasks, I have this error Thank you
  9. Hi, here is link for download data https://share.m-com.cz/index.php/s/YzLRdzGkZm6asFW
  10. Hi, I foud at Event log this error, when I tried installed PXE on KSC server. Can't register pxe server: #1182 Failed to prepare utilities. imagex.exe returned error code: 2 Thank you
  11. Hi here are log from KSC na computer https://share.m-com.cz/index.php/s/PPzsHXNQTek0TIj Erebus is KSC server
  12. Hi PXE status is still Getting started.. Thank you
  13. Hi, here are logs form KSC and computer(image), when I used task - Create image. https://share.m-com.cz/index.php/s/PPzsHXNQTek0TIj Thank you

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