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  1. Hi The whole thing has ended up in a disaster I a yet to solve, since last night. I upgraded to the 2016 version, but it did not accept the key that I had received from kasperky for that version. When I tried to uninstall & return to the previous version, along the way, there was an error mentioning some driver I did not bother to exactly note down. I used iObit unistaller to complete the job. It however needed a restart before installing. After restart, the mouspad & keyboard were not working. I was forced to use an external mouse + virtual keyboard. The synaptics (mousepad device) in device manager had an exclamation mark. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling device ... same thing! Even reinstalling the original pointing devices driver runs normaly but ends up not helping as the exclamation mark returns. The questionmark happens not to be because of missing drivers in this case, bt Windows failing to all the same load the driver to communicate with the 2 devices. The logical thing ws to use one of the restore points. The last 3 all fail because of some Cortana file failing to be loaded, being either deleted or corrupted!!! The last thing I need is re-installing Windows as I would lose some programs. This morning, tried restore points again to same effect. I connected an external keyboard, ... it also did not work!!!!!! & had the same exclamation mark. This has never happened to me before! Such a keyboard always works. In my desperation, I went to Windows troubleshooting which carried out a number of repairs, but failed to repair the keyboard/moúsepad issue & at for one of the processes it needed restart. After the restart, not even the external mouse is working, making it impossible to even log in at all, since i cannot even get to the virtual keyboard. ... Still wondering what to do. In Windows forums. mostly useless or unhelpful answers to the problem, of keyboard & mouse not working at all, ALTHOUGH in Bios or when u start the Windows Repair, both work, BUT NOT AFTER the Pc gets to the log in screen. One of the "experts" was suggesting old drivers & install new ones to someone who had a smiliar problem. How do u install drivers if you cannot get to the desktop or type anything?? Probably uninstalling did some considerable damage to the mentioned drivers & probably the restoration point data. May be someone has a solution. I urgently need to ue the laptop. Regards
  2. Hi there Thank you for the responses. I have just discovered after doing a Google search in Firefox, that I was still having the same problem, that after unselecting "Encrypted connections scanning", which should be "Untersuchung von sicheren Verbindungen" in German in Kaspersky. I actually got this as a free offer, as said to readers of some magazine and I would like to assume upgrading to the 2016 version is not free(?). Just in case there is no simple solution, I can always use Avast, the free version which has always been sufficient for my laptop for years, or as said, some Giveaway sites always keep offering 6 month trial paid versions of Panda (had about 6 months to go), Avast, AVG & Bit Defender, all paid versions, 2016 for AVG/Panda & I think Bit Defender as well. Regards
  3. Hi Thank you for the response. I did what you suggested, but does that have any security implications that would make it better to switch back to Avast for example? I have mostly used the free version of Avast for years without any issue, but now & then there are 6 month trial versions of paid different antivirus software like Panda (2016), I just moved away from, Bitdefender, AVG, etc which one can get. With this Kaspersky version, there's a possibility to extend it to 1 year & apart from wanting to try out something new, I had wanted to avoid some small interference the otherwise good Panda 2016 was causing & for which I could not get a quick solution. Regards
  4. Hi I installed a special version of Kaspersky offered via a German IT magazine with file name KTS15.0.2.361de-DE-xchip removing Panda 2016 because it was over-zealously interfering with some functions. Today, however, I note it's blocking Google & Youtube & a few other sites in Firefox, which is my browser of choice, although the same work in Chrome. The problem goes away as soon as I disable the antivirus. This is quite irritating. I tried a solution or 2 suggested on https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/what-d...s-error-reports for this but it did not work I have used Avast, Panda, AVG & have never had a problem with accessing Google, whose Gmail & lots of other services I use everyday. Is there any simple solution to this issue at all? It seems the issue has been around for a while. My laptop has Windows 10 Home, Firefox 44.0 (latest) & all software is up-to-date. Thank you in advance
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