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  1. interestingly many machines tell me this when performing a heartbeat: "transport level error, certificate may be outdated or invalid". great stuff... I would really appreciate it if the upgrade destroyed our cert...
  2. exact same scenario for me here... machines have been connected some hours ago but still the KSC shows "out of control". I'm able to fix it by forcing the client to send a heartbeat but that cant be the solution, I have >2000 devices showing this and not offering me a possibility to manage them. Please advise!
  3. Has this been clarified now? We are running 10.4.343 and I'm struggeling with the same problem, OOO policies seem not to be inherited down, they dont appear in Child groups. Is this unsupported?
  4. Same here, upgrading from MR1 to MR2, setup fails at 75% of all clients. Sometimes a reboot helps. But great on +2000 machines... Using windows 7 btw. I cant run KLAremover on all these devices, there must be a different solution. any suggestions?
  5. Hi there, I need to uninstall a windows update. Since Kaspersky offers the possibilty to uninstall an applications' updates, I did create a task for this. I get stuck when selecting the desired update. This seems not to be recognized by Kaspersky although it is installed on ~2000 machines. Network agent policy allows transmitting informations about applications. How can I get this database up to date? Thanks! Security center Version: 10.2.575 Client Version: V6-V10MR2
  6. Hi there, we did run a scan on our mailboxes. since we have pretty close timeframe only with backup and many other things, we need to know details about the scan - was is successfully finished, did it find malicious content, was it aborted - where can I find this information? The report section did not provide me any information about this. Our Protection version: Thanks!
  7. This is more a general problem: Fortiguard offers a great possibility to request web control category change if this is wrong. Since we use the web control module by Kaspersky, this happens very often to us and causes a lot of work in a >7000 user environement. Often common sites likes amazon or news sites are rated as casual gaming or weapons (??). See here the fortiguard solution: https://fortiguard.com/webfilter I would like to see such a feature for Kaspersky since the current solution using a companyaccount is absolutely unsufficient, same for setting up an email to newvirus@kaspersky.com. This is something that is simply not working in a company environement. Please add a web based solution for this. Supporters for this request are welcomed!
  8. Okay, thats sad. Fortinet offers a great possibility for such cases, I hoped Kaspersky would offer the same, too. The big benefit is that we can give the users outside (and complaining) the possibility to ask for a different category, where handy in large company environements. Would this be a feature request for V10MR2? I see this more as a general Kaspersky user friendlyness topic. Can you tell me where to complain about this? Thanks!
  9. Wow that was fast. thumb up. The sites are usually not tagged as phishing but i.e. as Weapon but its a simple, self checked news website. Should we use the companyaccount for this, too? thanks!
  10. Sorry for jumping on this issue, happens to me other way round - "good" website gets rated wrong and is therefore blocked. Is there no way (website?) to enter a URL, check Kasperskys' rating and suggest another one? Many users complain about the incorrect ratings occuring in the last time... Btw different Kaspersky versions from v6 to v10 MR2... thanks!
  11. Same here, I did install the fix mentioned above, App launch control run still fails. We have Select license.
  12. Yes, I guess here it is fixed too. Cleared the update repository. Update to actual version will be done soon - we know its no longer supported. Thanks for the help even more - outstanding!
  13. Sorry for the too quick response - "Fix" only worked until the evening, this morning all machines started demanding a reboot again. Any suggestion? We now V6 should be updated but we decided to wait for the next bigger release to have a new global version.
  14. Hi, we had success. we did disable module updates and did clear the update repository. after that, I did reboot the machines again - working after seconds. Best MArkus
  15. Hi everyone, my first post We have the same issue here - same Version, same appearance. I will try disable updates for modules.
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