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  1. hi, can't find any details on patch c. what issue did this patch address please? thanks.
  2. I have looked but can't find anything. Has there been any official word from Kaspersky about this? There are several people in my guild who have 556 are they meant to remove it? You can't just take something from the download page with no explanation or advise. Sorry if I have missed this.
  3. hello, I dont think the removal tool works properly for 2011? could you confirm this please? there was ndis 6 driver reporting it wasnt working and a load of registry junk I had to remove manually.
  4. same here, seems to work ok with firefox. but 2 ie crashes in first hour of use.
  5. guys, I have already had a post removed. you do realize it's a netbook? http://laptops.toshiba.com/laptops/mini-no...B250/NB255-N250 maybe some advise on kis configuration on less powerful machine maybe beneficial. it would help if you looked on toshiba forum and set all the toshiba in built programs to manual in windows services, they are using resources and are not that important.
  6. you could still do with posting a gsi log. It will seem faster with anti banner on simply because it has less to load, you shouldnt experience any notable slowdown. mcafee leavess lots of things labelled customcalla dll in windows system files and bits and pieces similar to norton 2003 ,that even their remover misses. I have only had the misfortune of having to clean it off a pc once and it was over a year ago. http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?id=TS100507
  7. same here, all non spam is marked as spam. highlight, right click, mark, mark as not spam will do the trick.
  8. if I change the dropdown (that say day) to entire period, then change it back to day the logs are there, try it ignore me is changed to protection center, firewall and system monitor say nothing for entire period
  9. right click K tools network monitor and check settings from there. The program is full of graphical bugs. When i downloaded starcraft 2 the data block was longer than the window! mine shows nothing in reports either. other graphical problems are data volume on month and year reading o the cf number vanishing on a repair install and the main window going white when it's working very hard, ie testing it's removal capabilites.
  10. i'll correct that. I launched the game alone. ie not from steam. it stopped responding so did kis2011 i rebooted after reboot kis is severley damaged system watch cannot be enabled. so thats 16 minor glitches and 3 fairly critical faults in kis 2011. may try next build, but yes there's definately a problem with fallout 3 it's because it logs you into live, just like most my steam games..
  11. i have fallout 3 in my steam folder. i get no warning when I attempt to launch it?
  12. done it on mine all versions of 2011 on month, year and entire. always has. figure says 0 but the block graph looks about right!
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