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  1. Received notification from Kaspersky Technical Support on 3 February, 2017 20:13, that Technical Release 2018 has been delayed and "is expected to be available within the next week or so".
  2. I had this problem initially as well. MS Outlook has built-in security such that if IMAP/SMTP requests from an unfamiliar IP address (i.e. KSC VPN) normally associated with your account, the Outlook server suspects hacking; hence your Administrative error. You can access security settings of your Outlook accounts via your favorite browser to minimize the conflict. The caveat with this is not to let KSC to automatically select a server location for you; you should preset the country location. For example, I specify USA: Hope this helps. cps
  3. I downloaded updateutility_win_3.1.0.25_release_en from the link, but the console doesn't show 2016 and 2017 releases: What am I missing? cps
  4. An update from Kaspersky Technical Support regarding this issue that I received yesterday (24Jan2017): "Based on our Tier 2 Technical Support, please wait around 1 week until Technical Release of 2018 will be released and recheck the issue? According to provided logs after network got disconnected KSDE cannot reinitialize connection and remains disabled. This issue most probably will be fixed with new version but it's not available yet." I'll update further when I've received and installed the update.
  5. Appreciate your input. I had already gone through all available documentation before raising the issue in this forum. Subsequently, I've raised this issue with technical support and provided them with various traces, as well as GIS report. There were some unpublished conflicts with other software, which I've removed from my system; the problem persists. I've also run emulation trials by deliberately stopping the WiFi connection; KSC does seem to recover from that scenario when WiFi is re-established. What I can't emulate is a fault at the KSC/VPN remote server which, I suspect, is causing KSC not to automatically re-establish a secure connection when the remote server fault is cleared. This may or may not be an issue if the remote server location is set to automatically select. In my case, this is not an option; I need to specify USA (or any other country setting), so that mail servers and financial transaction servers don't balk at requests from unexpected IP addresses (a potential security breach). In parallel, I've also enabled KSC on a virgin Win10/Surface 3 system with no application software installed. The problem arises there periodically, too. I'll advise the forum if/when a solution is found with technical support's assistance, of course.
  6. Using KSC v17.0.0.611©, my secure connection drops periodically. I have all settings to automatic (notify when enabled), so I'm presuming if WiFi recovers from a drop, KSC will automatically reestablish a secure connection. Am I correct? If not, what other settings can affect (re)establishing a secure connection?
  7. It appears that some (in my case, one) newspaper websites rely on Gigya to enable/monitor access to reader comments on a specific article. Gigya appears as blocked in the standard Web Beacon database. Is there any way I can unblock this Web Beacon? Apologies if this issue has been addressed in some FAQ or in another posting, but a quick search of both didn't yield any useful information.
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