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  1. Hello, we have implemented Kaspersky LA 4 in our VMWare View Environment. The LA version is for Windows. We are using Windows 7 32 bit and Windows 10 64 bit clients. KSC has Version: 10.4.343. It seems that the actual version of the SVM has some bugs. After 7 - 10 days running every VM will loss the connection to their SVM. The VMs all are showing the same symptoms: In the events tab on the KSC there is an error "Device not ready" (see attached screenshot) The SVMs all are showing "Update successful" and everything looks good in their event tab on KSC! They are reachable over the network by ip and name all the time. Our workaround to fix this problem actually is: Restart the SVM. After we restart all SVMs the VMs will reconnect and update themself - but all at the same time. This is a enorm workload of IOPS for our storage! After the restart the KSC event tab shows "The connection with integration server was fixed" ... this construct then works for 7-10 days ... after this time we have to repeat the steps above. This could not be the solution for us - so please fix this! Thanks Alex
  2. The ports are open. We already have a LA3 environment WORKING - only the LA4 Env. does not work (see attachement) ... can you pls tell me how to check the svm connection logs? I have already asked two times for checking these log files... don't send me the default lvl-1 support questions. We already have opend a case 4 days ago... no answers ... the business solutions get worser support than the privat onces...
  3. Yes we have all these requirements except VMware Horizon View 7 we are using version 6. But with LA3 already installed! I think that is not the solution for our problem. How can we check the svm connection from the client? Is there any log?
  4. Hello, we have installed LA 4 in Version and svm.image_vmware_4.0.46.8060 via KSC 10.4.343 in our ESXi (vCenter 6) Environment. We are using Windows 7 32 Bit VMs and they show "No Connection to SVM". The SVMs are deployed via KSC Assistant for SVMs and they are activated and up-to-date. I can ping the svm by name from the affected maschines... is there any log where i can check the svm connection?
  5. I have opend a support case for this. The case ID is: INC000006019690 Here my last try:
  6. Yes we cannot disable this feature via policy. The settings are ignored by the clients!
  7. Can you please confirm that you know what is a login-script. They are located on our domain controller - thats the normal way to publicate them (in a network share) So look here: (the path and the name are right) Please explain me why these feature is still working - if have disabled it in the policy:
  8. Please look at this screenshot: As you can see the activity control is categorizing even if we disable the component in the policy! The policy was updated at 11:58 ...
  9. Please see here: The policy is active and the number of exclusions is the same. What does the Light Agent policy do, if the computer name changes? In the first step the composer adds a new nic to the vm - then it changes the computer name. Then the vm will restart. Can you confirm that all settings are saved client side during this steps? We deploy our golden master image via Microsoft MDT with these commands: .\Applications\Kaspersky Net Agent 10.2.434\setup.exe /S <-- KSC Install Package of the Netagent with VDI opti. Restart .\Applications\Kaspersky Light Agent 3\setup.exe /s <-- KSC Install Package of the Light Agent 3 Waiting Task (600 sec) <-- for take ksc policy In the final step when we take our snapshot we look if the policy has been taken! Then we snapshot the vm and the composer starts cloning. If the composer clones the vms i have no possibility to look into the fresh clone if they have the policy!
  10. Thanks for your reply. The agent is already configured for VDI optimization. The VMWare Guide says "if possible install core av without feature" or "use vShield". vShield is no option. So we have to use a agent based av. The program activty heuristic scan is the main problem in our case. This feature blocks composer- and login-scripts. This happends because the av tag these scripts as "Low restriced", but these scripts need full access - they change system name and network config. Example: Example 2: The exceptions are buggy, thats it.
  11. We use KSV (Kaspersky Security for Virtualisation) latest Agent installed... Or do you mean vShield agentless? Thats why we are not using trend micro ... because kaspersky have web-security on board for content filtering.
  12. The default policy blocks important vmware composer scripts ! Who has tested this in moskau?!?!? Light Agent 3 isn't realy compatible to vmware view! Other vendors of agent based av solutions have "best practices" - look at TrendMicro they have a Master-Template Scan Tool.... and you can't link me a manual ... And your help in this case is exactly like your email support - more as bad .... thanks for be professional!
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