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  1. Hear is the solution that Kaspersky support sent me. Too soon to know if it fixed this issue but so far so good so, it looks promising. Safe money still seems to work after applying this fix so fingers crossed. There was no listing of a port 8009 in my case so I followed the bottom 11 steps. Kaspersky Fix.pdf
  2. I had the same problem with klmeta.dat when trying to do an acronis data backup on an external hard drive. The backup would fail with the error message that another process was using the klmeta.dat file. I've also read complaints from other users using different backup programs with the same kind of problem with klmeta.dat. I opened a support ticket with Kaspersky hoping they could shed some workaround for this issue. Instead all I got was the usual canned recipe responce of reinstall the program and roll back my system with system restore and add Acronis to bypass list in Kaspersky Internet Security. Of course none of this did anything useful! You can't tell me that Kaspersky has never heard of this issue before yet they acted like they hadn't! I'd give them a 0 out of 10 for their support! They provided me with absolutely no useful information about this issue and I know they are not hearing it from me for the first time! To get around it, I just added klmeta.dat to the file exclusion list for Acronis true image and then the backup completed with no error message. Several people suggested that because the klmeta.dat file occurs in the System Volume Information directory it is not something critical that needs to be backed up.This directory apparently contains drive information only and not any personal files that need to be backed up. I got the impression it would just be recreated automatically if the files were transferred to a new drive but I'm not positive about this. Anyway I have a very low opinion now of Kaspersky support!
  3. Here is a picture of the problem. MY device can't be seen on the website shown here and the instructions telling me how to register my device on this web page don't work. I've clicked on the device tab and as you can see my smartphone device is nowhere to be found. Please note this web site is not the Kaspersky anti-theft website portal it is part of the main My Kaspersky website where I entered my activation code. There is a link on this website that tells me how to register my device if I have the Kaspersky app already installed on my smartphone. It tells me to open my app and click on the My Kaspersky link. Problem is this link doesn't exist in the app!!!! Hope this clears the situation up for you!
  4. I finally heard back from Kaspersky support and they claim the problem is due to the fact that my version of Android (Marshmallow) is not yet supported but once the new version is released I won't have this problem anymore! I'm not sure whether I believe them or if they simply tired of me pestering them and giving me the brush off! It just seems strange to me that they wouldn't have known about this issue from the get go instead of leading me through several weeks of canned solutions. Am I the only one to notice this issue? Aside from this very minor issue, the program seems to work very well with Android Marshmallow as I haven't notices any other serious program bugs. To make my suspicions worse, I also had the same issue while running the previous version of Android (lollipop). Well, all I can do now is wait and see. Thank goodness this appears to be just an annoying problem and not a serious one! Overall I wasn't impressed with their support!
  5. OK then here's a screen shot of my login to the Anti-Theft screen in Kaspersky. I don't see any "Go To Portal" link anywhere on the page????????????????
  6. Sorry if I've created some confusion here. My problem is not recognizing my device on the anti-theft website. My device seems to register just fine on this website. I'm having the problem on a different website, namely the main My Kaspersky web site at https://my.kaspersky.com. I'm attaching a screen shot to show your the web site in question. After signing in, when I go to the devices tab, no device is registered. I've been unable to register my device here. There is a link which says "How do I connect a device to My Kaspersky portal." It tells me to open the app on my smartphone and click on the My Kaspersky link to register my device. Unfortunately I'm unable to locate this link anywhere in the app. I'm not sure if being unable to register my device here affects in any way the program's functionality, it just annoys me that I can't seem to do it! Kaspersky support has so far been not very helpful. They just send me canned responses that don't work rather than directly addressing my questions. I eventually phoned them and they said they would elevate my problem to their programming technicians. So far I've not heard back from them.
  7. I have an android smartphone running Marshmallow with Kaspersky Internet Security version installed and activated. I was able to easily set up an account on the My Kaspersky website but have been unable to get the website to recognize my device. The instructions tell me to open the Kaspersky app on my smartphone and click on the My Kaspersky link to register the device. Problem is this link doesn't exist anywhere in the app or at least so far I haven't been able to locate it. Possibly it's a program bug in this latest version of the app and I'm waiting to hear back from Kaspersky support. I was just curious if anyone else was having a similar problem or is aware of a solution to this annoying situation? :dash1:
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