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  1. It looks like it is again another bug which will be fixed at least after month (my opinion) as previous bug with update-restart problems.... because another way it would have fixed already. Why Kaspersky smash their reputation?????
  2. It doesn't fix it. Still not working. Where is the problem???? It looks like this problem started after yesterdays daily database updates. Why it is till not fixed?????
  3. Mostly problem starts when you logging in Facebook. Are you using function "scan encrypted connections"?
  4. Today when I'm trying to open Facebook trough Mozilla Firefox 46.0.1 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 ( © ) then it opens page full of glitch text (see attachment). I found that it is related with function "Encripted connections scanned" and when I disable it (Do not scan encrypted connections) then everything is ok. What's the problem???? Before its never happened only started with today. I have also tried open Facebook with another PC and situation the same. I have a Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1. By the way with Internet Explorer everything is ok.
  5. Does anybody knows why Kaspersky has removed from all their websites KIS 2016 MR1 release???? If they found some big secuity holes then does it mean it is unsafe to use MR1 that have already installed it???
  6. Hello! Finally Mozilla Firefox have a 64-bit version, but when I have installed it then I found that there is no any Kaspersky addon available in Firefox. At the moment it looks like Adobe Flash Player is only support Mozilla Firefox 64-bit version. Are someone have any information when Kaspersky starts to support Firefox 64-bit version? At the moment I can't use it because there's also is not working Safe Money function.
  7. Finally I got message from Tech Support team and they said: "1) Please, pause Kaspersky protection and check whether the problem persists. To do that simply right-click the Red & Black Kaspersky icon in System Tray (on the bottom right corner of your screen) and select “Pause Protection”. 2) Please, try do diagnose which Kaspersky Protection component causes the problem: * Open the main Kaspersky window and go to “Settings” – here you will find the list of protection components in order. Switch the first component (File Anti-Virus) on by clicking the switch to the right. * Check whether the problem persists. * If it doesn’t, turn the second component on (Mail Anti-Virus), but leave the first one enabled. * Keep turning components on one by one until the problem until the problem kicks in. Please specify which component caused the problem." After experiments I find when I Paused protection of Kaspersky Internet Security then all problems was gone. It looks like there is a problem with File antiviruss because when I switch it off then everything also is ok. I have also sent to Tech Support Getsystem info.
  8. Hello! I have a problem with performance of my Samsung 840 SSD disc after installing latest version of Kaspersky Internet Security ( patch a). I established that read/write speed is dramatically decreased but when I turn off Kaspersky then everything is ok. (Please look at the pictures). Also there is no problem with Kaspersky Internet Security 2015. I have also sent a message to Kaspersky support team but already it is now 1 week of silent! Anyone else have the same problem? My system specifications: CPU:Intel Core i5-3570 RAM: 16GB Kingston HDD: SSD Samsung 840 series 128GB GPU: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 970 ITX OS: Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit)
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