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  1. Trust me that was not tech support. We only need the license key to locate the corresponding activation codes. The license key you have on the support window or in the licensing window is USELESS to you. http://usa.kaspersky.com/support/home/cont...ct-home-support Opens everyday at 5pm-11pm ET e-z-breezey
  2. If it happens again, just call tech support and tell them it's back.... So they can again, update the databases
  3. In addition to what Richbuff said, The rep handling your case did asked you to reinstall the kaspersky based on your current license. Yes the migration process (activation using a different product key) would say upgrading, whichever version it switches to. Reasoning behind that is, we wouldn't like our customers the feeling of awkwardness while they do it with the reps on the phone. Also, it would also be in a form of an upgrade, in a sense that it wasn't activated before... and now you are activating it to make it work... from a limited mode to a working mode
  4. It checks for update regularly. Depending on it's settings. After 2 days without updates, it's going to say "database are out of date" then extremely then obsolete.
  5. Hello buckeyefan1, Welcome to the user forum. We can't send you anything in here to get that fixed. So better contact technical support and they will give you the tool. https://my.kaspersky.com/en/support/helpdesk
  6. I couldn't open the link for the GSI. Wait for someone to check it for you for more info. regarding the txt file and the image you posted. It seems like they completed..... On the image you posted, can you click on details at the bottom of the right pane? I placed a pic like that... Now about the txt you sent... Why was it dated 04/14/2016? can you check your system date please? Or submit a new log for it.... If everything we do here seems to frustrate you because of the time it takes for us to reply.. You can always reinstall haha
  7. Hello mate, Can you try posting this. Additional tools, reports Detailed reports Click on the drop down(upper left) Choose update. Try to check the update. and give us a screenshot. like this.
  8. Hey John welcome, Is it wireless or cable? If cable, there shouldn't be a problem.. If wireless, try doing this. Open Kaspersky. Settings (bottom left, cog or gear) Additional Network Monitored ports monitor selected ports only Click select. Click Add Description:any (printer, printer port printer ddd) Port#: 9100 Then disable it. inactive. Click add In the same window (network ports) at the bottom of the window Uncheck monitor all network ports. Try printing any better after that?
  9. Hey guys, Also, If I may, if it's saying KIS is not providing complete protection of your data, critical system updates needed, there is no connection with the wifi vulnerabilities. You just have to do your updates. That's it. If you don't want to or can't. Try bringing it in to your local tech shop or just ignore it haha. kidding. But that's just it, it would say exactly what you need to fix
  10. Hello Marianne! Welcome to the user forum, If you're having the safe-mode-reboot-loop problem You would need to uninstall the Kaspersky and reinstall it again. Here is the download link for the application. http://products.kaspersky-labs.com/product....614en_8204.exe Just run it immediately.
  11. Hello guys, Plus TOGS post two posts up, Can you do a manual update first and restart the computer? It should have been fixed already. Any better after that?
  12. Please uninstall malware bytes and clear out your temp folders. Hit Win+R type in, %temp% press enter Delete everything. Any better after that?
  13. Hello, Welcome to the user forum. The GSI we are asking would help us identify if there is a conflicting application with Kaspersky. But another thing I would like to check, is if you are running a 64 bit outlook as your email client. It checks your email indefinitely and would lump up the process and memory of your computer. If so, disable the mail and anti-spam add-ins inside the outlook. Click on this link to configure your version of outlook. http://support.kaspersky.com/us/9716 Again, this is only if you are using a 64 bit outlook version.. If not, please submit the GSI. Thanks.
  14. Seems like this post is closed and resolved already by our good friends. Reading through everyone's replies. The error message you may be looking for upon activation, is "Keyfile is Corrupted." Naturally,box purchases are made before any updates. and the one that you have, as you have said is 2014. Installing version rellease would not recognize old LTS. You can either Install MR0. or keep MR1 16.0.1 but editing your registries, which we cannot post in here. Oh well, if the workaround works.... around just fine.. Cheers to that
  15. Hello, Welcome to the user forum. This is just one way of Kaspersky telling you that you are currently connected to a public connection (wifi is public by default). You have many ways to fix this, check out this link http://support.kaspersky.com/10965. The easiest way to do it is just to setup your network settings and change it from public to Local or Trusted. Go to network and sharing center and change it there. Here is a link to help you out with it http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows...n#1TC=windows-7
  16. Hi just to add to that, you can disable the ports for NNTP here. Go to settings> Additional> Networks> Monitor selected ports only and click on select. Look for NNTP there and disable it (right click and cick disable)
  17. Hello everyone That's an automated email from when you first registered an e-mail address upon activation. If you did not open your e-mail upon activation/registration, you couldn't have read it immediately. Hence, 7 days after your account will be deleted. This is just for the portal account from my.kaspersky.com which would be center.kaspersky.com now. If your account has been deleted. Just create a new one
  18. Hi! Welcome to the user forum! If you bought it less than 30 days, then you can contact Tech Support and have it refunded and order a 5 user license device. Or You can just buy another license... If it is passed 30 days and less than 60 days. You can still contact them and try your luck if it is going to be approved. (like get a refund for it and purchase another license for 5 devices)
  19. Just to add with Rich's post, if you'd be able to read this. Run the GSI while the error message is showing so the installation logs would appear
  20. It is a procedure to install the certificates. Glad that it worked out for you. The next error you got from Safe Money is a different issue and this will be moved.. Kaspersky (internet/total) Security is not providing complete protection of your data..... extension is disabled. To make it easier/simpler for you. Just use Google Chrome. Delete your Kaspersky extension by: Click the Google Chrome Menu on the upper right Click settings Click extensions on your left. Trash the Kaspersky Protection. Open your website. Proceed with the Safe Browser, and in the orange box on the bottom right corner. There is that option to click on "install extensions" or plugins.. whatever the case may be. Install it. That's it. Green all over
  21. Please contact Tech Support: https://my.kaspersky.com/en/support/helpdesk Please attach the following items to your Tech Support request: a. Description of the issue. b. Screenshot, as needed. c. Traces. For Traces. http://support.kaspersky.com/4153 (Enable tracing and the try to reproduce the problem) This is the most important file to send to get more info about this.
  22. Hello guys, Please see: http://support.kaspersky.com/us/11109
  23. Seems like part of bug 1255144. An MS office bug and not a Kaspersky safe money bug. Richbuff is right. Try to contact Tech support with logs and screenshots to confirm this issue.
  24. This is occurring right now and currently under investigation. Please create a ticket for Tech Support: https://my.kaspersky.com/en/support/helpdesk Please attach the following items to your Tech Support request: a. Description of the issue. b. Screenshot, as needed.
  25. If it happens on all of the sites you visited. Then the certificates stored in your computer may be outdated already and you need to install them. The question I cannot answer is that, why doesn't it update automatically on some computers.... Because mine works just fine. That's not the list. It's somewhere in the folders, I'm not too sure where and the file itself. The list of websites I am speaking of mostly concerns the known websites together with banking, pay system and shopping sites. These are updated every 2 hours if my memory serves me right. You are still protected. In the sense of virus protection. For the sites visited, under SAFE BROWSER. even if the hold invalid certificates, malicious scripts will not run in it. Here's a better way of installing the certificates Close all the browsers and Kaspersky Notification (the "cannot guarantee") Hit Win Key (The square with four squares) + R Type in inetcpl.cpl Go to "content" tab Click on "Clear SSL State" Click ok on the successfully cleared Click ok on Internet options window or close it. Open Kaspersky. Click on 'Settings' in the bottom left corner (The cog icon in 2016). Click on 'Additional' on the left. Click on 'Network' in the middle. Click on 'Advanced Settings' under Encrypted connections scanning Click on 'Install certificate'. Click 'Next' Click 'Finish'
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