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  1. I'm not sure what you mean about Sources and Destinations... I would like the requested Import/Export functionality to be available for all modules within an Policy. So for KES10, Add the Import/Export functionality to the following Modules/Sections that can have lists
  2. Going off the OP's question, once the Beta 2 gets blessed and goes to General Release, i'm assuming from the beta notes we won't be able to 'upgrade' from the Beta 2 to the MR2 correct? So we will have to uninstall the Beta 2 and install the new release. Will we have to create tasks to do this or will the Beta MR2 be marked as an incompatible app and be uninstalled automatically?
  3. It would be nice if KSC/KES could know/detect if a Windows workstation had Bitlocker Enabled/Disabled along with its specific status and configuration. With this info, you could then run a report showing (for Auditors) Bitlocker is enabled and the drive is encrypted. Specific data points: This data is currently accessible via WMI
  4. Would LOVE the ability to report on Microsoft Bitlocker FDE. Specifically, would like to generate reports on Microsoft Bitlocker Status (Enabled, Suspended, Disabled)
  5. Yes. So right now, in order to install multiple software packages, you would have to create a separate task for each. It would be nice to just create a single task that can install multiple software packages. So for example, the Microsoft Office Viewers consists of 4 applications. This then requires 4 separate tasks which at best, can be 'linked' by making each one start when another finishes. This is a lot of work and having the capability to create a single (1x) task to install all 4 applications in a single shot would greatly save time.
  6. Another Software/Application Management desired capability: When approving a new version (not update) of a software app (Adobe/Java), indicate that ALL previous versions of that program should be uninstalled when installing the new version.
  7. Having the ability to create Installation Package Groups would be nice. For example, create a Installation Package Group made out of each of the Microsoft Office Viewers (3x). Or designate 'Dependencies" between applications...
  8. It would also be nice to be able to make a change on one KES policy, and then apply that same change to another policy.
  9. When working with Web Control rules, it would be nice to create "Global" policy settings. That way when you are creating a single group of address in web blocker (for example, all of Google Software Update URL's), you only have to create it once. Right now, you have to recreate each group for each different policy.
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