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  1. I need to check 3 servers which contain Kaspersky security center 10 with KNA10, KES sp1 Mr2 and KAV8 i need a security check list of the product features its must be working fine. we have advance license. thank you
  2. Dear sir, I need a list to check the Security of an Antivirus. What controls are compulsory to implement if running an antivirus. what to check for Security review of an Antivirus. thank you in advance Regards,
  3. Hi, find attached installation logs of kaspersky on windows 7 thank you _klpkinst.zip
  4. Hi, Please find attached logs and SFC logs of windows system. I think their is Hard drive problem with the system. thank you system_logs.zip
  5. Hi, currently i am trying to install KES sp1 Mr2 on windows7 OS but its failed to install find attached error and logs of computer kindly suggest what is the possible solution to install Kaspersky another thing is that in the OS its blocking START TASK MANAGER, REGISTRY. Find attached error after running KES and logs. thank you _klpkinst.log _klpkinst1.log
  6. Hi, I am using KSC10 , KES10sp1 mr2 and KAV8. I just need to know how can i search or check the computers which are NOT UPDATED from long time or more than 1 week. thank you in advance.
  7. sir, I have try with user name & password from cmd but its not working even i have try with blank password still its failed thank you
  8. Hi, I have try to uninstall Kaspersky with kavremover tool but ID and password both are not working. I have attached Log file please guide how can i uninstall the antivirus from server. thank you kavremvr_2016_04_12_12_49_49__pid_3740_.log kavremvr_2016_04_12_12_41_57__pid_3104_.log kavremvr_2016_04_12_12_49_49__pid_3740_.log
  9. Hi, It was previously working fine and i have try to disable network attack blocker and then also try to run the web application on internet explorer but still the same issue and when i disable KES protection it start working again thank you
  10. Hi, I am facing issue regarding Internet Explorer is not working on user end. End users used a customized t24 application which is accessible on internet explorer via a proxy setting. currently Internet explorer is not working kindly guide I have added the link of application in trusted web in KES policy on KSC10 server. please guide what option still need to be enable from KSC10 in policy so application run smoothly attached below is for your reference thank you
  11. Hi, I have a windows server 2008 it have a folder in kaspersky lab folder in C drive with name QB it contains files of .klq extension. Enduser have try to uninstall Kaspersky from the server so he can delete the QB folder files which have capture the space of 25 GB in C drive.During uninstallation user get some error he failed to uninstall Kes10sp1 completely than he try to delete the kaspersky from Kaspersky Lab folder in C drive and also try to delete from Registry of server. Please guide now how can i delete the remaining file of Kaspersky from server?? and successfully delete the QB folder files. please remember currently Kaspersky endpoint security service is active on server. Agent services is not show in services and another thing is i have also check Control panel uninstall option there is no software of Kaspersky Lab not KES10 sp1 and network agent. On my KSC10 console it shows me that it KES and Network agent both are not installed. I am using KSC10.2.434 KES sp1 KNA10.2.434 kindly guide i just need to delete the kaspersky from server so i can do fresh installation with KAV8 package. thank you in advance
  12. Hi, I need to generate USB Request Access Event in Device Allow and after receiving access code request when i give end user temporary Access code generated from KSC10 server. I need that event of Temporary access granted event to be generated. Total 2 Events need to be generate 1) User request for Device Allow 2) Temporary access granted to User. Kaspersky event is fetched by Qradar Seim. It only shows USB access plugin or plugout. kindly guide me regarding events setting need to be enable in policy I am using KSC10 , KES 10 SP1MR2, KNA 10 thank you
  13. Hi, I am using KSC10 , KES sp1 MR2 and KNA10. I have created policy of KES sp1 mr2. I need to generate Report on Device control Events and Report on Block Run. kindly guide i have generated the report but its give me only empty template. what setting is required to be enable from policy. NOTE: Device control is enable in policy. thank you in advance
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