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  1. Hi, How can I migrate my KSC to the other PC? I already back up my KSC. please advise me or send me an link for the procedure. Thank you!
  2. Attached screenshots are the rules and its schedules I created. Im using a Chrome Browser. Thank you,
  3. Hi I already done for the blocking web sites. i have new concern. when I used the time schedule for blocking certain sites, it will block the site base on the schedule but on the time that site is allowed to access it will still block even it lapses the time of block (unless user will open another tab).
  4. Hi, How can I block all web site using the web control I already done sereval configuration but it didn't woks. OS: Win, 7 Ultimate KSC Version: 10.2.434 KES Version: NetAgent Version:10.2.434 Please see the attachment for my configuration.
  5. Hi Sir, I tried to do the configuration that you give but didn't works. please see the attachment for the reference.
  6. Hi Sir Tnx for the info. Kaspersky anti-virus v8.0.2.213 console Can I upgrade to the KSC 8? OS: Windows S Please see the attached file. i got this error? I think I need to load the license to fix this error? erver ® Enterprise
  7. Hi, I thought there's no need to back up my database because the existing AdminKit is already detect the new version, all i need is to run the installer then automatically install the new version that i want to install.??
  8. Hi, How can I do that? Can you give me a instruction to do that? Thank you!
  9. Hi! Just want to clear something, Kaspersky Anti-virus 8.0 console can upgrade to the latest version(Kaspersky Security Center 10.2.434)?
  10. Hello, My KSC cant connect to the admin. sever. please help me. Version: 10.2.434 OS: win. 7 prof. Actions taken: change the address server: localhost into the IP address of PC but still the same. Open the service then try to start the KSC admin. server but error:1069
  11. Hello, Our client planning to install the security center on one of our linux server hosted from a third party. This linux(we are using centOS) server will become the kapersky security center server. Anyone can give me a link or guide for how can I install the KSC in Linux?
  12. Hi Sir, Apology on this. Here the information that you need. Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise/Professional/Ultimate Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows (Workstation protection) (MR1) GSI logs: https://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...3443f9fb8d48f9c
  13. Kaspersky block computer outbound connection Notes: Hello Kaspersky Team, How can I resolve this issue regarding Kaspersky AV blocking the internet access, email (office 365 online), Line messenger, Skype and online game. The issue was experienced by two users already using different computers. The issue will be resolved after disabling the AV or restarting the computer.
  14. Should I use aspmx.l.google.com port 25? Example of internal mail server smtp? sorry but i'm not familiar.
  15. Hi Kaspersky endpoint security 10 service pack 1 for windows
  16. Where can I find this feature in version 8.0? I have the option to add disclaimers on all mails sent configurable through the Kaspersky smtp-gw daemon.
  17. Hi Sir, All i want to know is how to disinfect of their network.
  18. Hi! I cant send the report I think there's something wrong to my configuration. Here's my configuration.
  19. Hi Sir, KLMS : version 8.0.1, release 721, build date Tue 10 Mar 2015 09:00:05 OS: CentOS 6.6 (Final) 64 bit MTA: Postfix version 2.6.6, release 6.el6_5, build date Thu 20 Feb 2014 06:07:56
  20. Good Day! We experience ddos attack in our internal network, although kaspersky detect it, but we cannot pin point the exact source, do you have any solution for this ddos. NOTE: Installed KES by stand alone Please see the attached link below for the screenshot of DDOS attack. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zy5iujgx8rpavvh/DDOS.rar?dl=0
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