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  1. I just wondered why a win2016 testserver did not receive the latest Windows Update 2018-01, then I checked if the needed registry keys are set and found out that they where missing. After I imported them manually, the server received the mentioned update. I just wanted to tell you that it seems that you do not set these reg keys to show that the AV is compatible with this update (as needed by Microsoft) in the beta build. It would be nice to have that in the final release.
  2. I found out that the Beta Version did not set that key. Are you aware of that? I hope that the final one will do it. I do signature updates every hour and have a database release date of 29.1.2018 https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/386989-qualitycompat-regkey-for-2018-01-windows-security-update-not-set/
  3. I found out that the Beta Version did not set that key. Are you aware of that? I hope that the final one will do it. I do signature updates every hour and have a database release date of 29.1.2018
  4. I tested it with KES10MR3 and so far no problems (the reg key/dword gets set as well).
  5. I have both, key and dword (on all the mentioned systems).
  6. I can tell that on all of my different systems (KSWS10/KES10MR3/KES10SP2) the reg key/value is set, so I get updates. I only checked it on three systems. I wrote that microsoft will release the update on 9th of January but they changed that to 3rd or 4th of January.
  7. The information was sent via Support Newsletter. As far as I know the corresponding windows update will be released on 9th of January (so the patch should not appear currently at all?!).
  8. please see and https://support.kaspersky.com/14042
  9. I tried setup.exe –s already (this worked with 10.3 console!), but it seems that this only starts the MSI and the MSI complains about the EULA not being accepted: MSI (s) (30:C0) [10:59:08:016]: Anwendung: Kaspersky Security Center 10 Verwaltungskonsole -- Der Lizenzvertrag wurde nicht akzeptiert Der Lizenzvertrag wurde nicht akzeptiert
  10. I used that to install the MSI package (with “EULA=1 /qn”). However the option “EULA=1” does not work for the setup.exe.
  11. right click on a group, Settingsand "Client-Computer"
  12. Ok, I just want to update KSC console (10.3 -> 10.4) but it seems that the entries persist (last time, they were gone). Another question: The 10.4.343 Console installation consists of a setup.exe and Kaspersky Security Center Console.msi. Last time (with 10.3), I just used setup.exe with “-s” but this time, it complains about EULA not being accepted. When I use the MSI (with “EULA=1 /qn”), I can install the console freshly (without having the 10.3 version installed before), but I cannot update the computers when the old console (version) is already installed. Which argument should I use for the setup.exe so that the EULA is accepted automatically (EULA=1 or /pEULA=1 and so on do not work) and KSC console will be updated from 10.3 to 10.4?
  13. We experienced the same on at least one computer (that is why I opened the other topic), it seems that this message does not disappear after restart of the computer. However, we did not take care of it/have not made deeper investigation (on other computers)/had no complains and on this one particular computer I basically restarted KES over KSC and after that, this message disappeared. I guess that Kaspersky basically deployed several updates in a short period of time which all needed an application restart (so therefore after a few restarts this message disappears).
  14. I discussed that already with the support: