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  1. I testing Startup application control. Whitelisting filter condition for "Manufacturer" is working fine. But "Application folder" is not working. Example path is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Quest Software\
  2. KSC is latest version. I want know how many computers not installed specific program. Maybe collecting this info from KAV database is easy way.
  3. How get specific application installed computers list from KAV database?
  4. I Installed klnagent-8.5.0-662.i386.rpm and trying uninstall this package. So removed /var/opt/kaspersky/klnagent, /etc/opt/kaspersky/klnagent, /var/log/kaspersky/klnagent. Now install again but showing package klnagent-8.5.0-662.i386 is already installed. How complete uninstall it?
  5. Thanks support team. Solved this problem when disable 443 port monitoring from (General protection settings - Monitored ports - Settings...).
  6. This policy is parent policy. I excluded lync.exe from all protections and added to trusted applications.
  7. How i configure default update task update source from KSC. I can set update source on new created update task. For example "Update KES 10 MR1" in attached image.
  8. Deleted a MR1 update task but flooding network error. It is may not related to update task.
  9. Added to exclusions and trusted zone but still appear this problem.
  10. Hello, 1. Local KSC downloads update from internet and distribute to about 1000 clients. Above mentioned events flooding from clients. I set update task launch delay to automatically. I suspecting too many clients attempting update from local KSC and if cannot update it when try update from Kaspersky Labs server. 2. Already installed clients are appearing problem.
  11. Hi, Deleted and re-created it. Still occur problem.
  12. Update source is selected to only "Kaspersky Security Center" but flooding "Network Update Error" events. If see detail in event: "Event type: Network update error Result: Error connecting to update source Object: http://dnl-00.geo.kaspersky.com/ Object\Path: http://dnl-00.geo.kaspersky.com/ " [Additional info: KSC-10.2.434, KES]
  13. Our organization recently installed a Skype for Business 2016 but cannot make video conference. So I checked turning off protection of KES one by one. Finally video conference working fine if we disabled Web control, Web antivirus, IM anitvirus, Mail antivirus. I trusted lync, outlook, skype for business on Application Privilege Control but still not fixed. How I solve this issue? [KSC-10.2.434, KES, ]
  14. We have KES and How i export trusted devices from and import to
  15. Cleaned all updates on repository and updated again. Not fixed.
  16. Thank you, I called reseller and they give NFR license. Solved this issue.
  17. Hi One computer activated from KES (KES 10 SP1)
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