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  1. Usually Internet Explorer 11 of Chrome. I have Windows 7 and this problem arises using both browsers. It only happens with Nationwide Building Society, not other banks where safe money still works fine. Sorry that should read "Internet Explorer 11 OR Google Chrome"
  2. I have checked using "services.msc" and it doesn't say enabled or disabled but says "started" and "automatic". Does this answer the question, please?
  3. I know that this problem has been raised a year or two ago and was described as a "known issue" but I am receiving the same error message "Certificate verification service is not available - (error )x000000ff) " as the previous posters but the twist is that the site in question is Nationwide Building Society internet banking. I have used this site for many years and always use Kaspersky safe money without any problem for at least 4 years. The error message happened for the first time today. I phoned Nationwide who said that there are no problems at all with their security although they have recently had a slight increase and the fault lies with Kaspersky not them. Their certificate IS secure I kept on using the site but had a yellow background instead of the usual green one and I wasn't happy.. I have checked for software updates and there aren't any. I am using Internet Security 2017. Many thanks in advance
  4. When I renewed my licence I also bought a Kaspersky Rescue disk which has arrived in the post but there are no instructions of any kind. I have installed it but there doesn't seem to be any change. Is there an "idiot's guide" available to explain what this disk does and how to do it. Many thanks
  5. Thanks for all your help. It is very much appreciated as is your advice. I will be more careful in future.
  6. Hi. The good news is that when I start/restart the computer I no longer have to keep changing the proxy settings by removing the tick in the box so whatever was causing the settings to change has gone or been fixed by Adware cleaner. The bad news is that although I used Malwarebytes to remove the PUM registry key, next time I scanned using Malwarebytes, the key came up again so it seems that Malwarebytes can't remove it. There were similar findings on the Malwarebytes forum. Interesting that Kaspersky doesn't detect it let alone remove it. JJ
  7. Done. Logs are attached. Although Malwarebytes still detects the PUM file, when I restarted the computer after using adware cleaner and cleaning, I didn't have to change the proxy settings before being able to connect to the internet. JJ Malwarebytes_Anti.docx_log_1st_July_2016.txt AdwCleaner_C1_.txt
  8. Thanks so much for this. Your help ( and that of everyone on here is appreciated) Just as reminder, my problem is that every time I reboot my computer, the proxy setting keep changing so that a tick appears in the "use proxy" box in internet options, connections. I was told have I have picked up something called PUM.Optional.ProxyHijacker, which was detected (but not removed) by Malwarebytes but not detected by Kaspersky. avz_sysinfo.zip
  9. Sorry to be dim but I have followed the AVZ4 instructions to the letter. Everything seems to work but after the computer reboots, there is no "Log" folder in the AVZ4 folder. I've done this twice. Am I doing something wrong, please?
  10. Hasn't worked, I'm afraid. The tick keeps coming back in "use proxy server" every time I reboot and Kaspersky still isn't picking up the problem
  11. I have the same problem. I have created a report but don't understand what I do next This is the report http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...d7ec551f45954b4
  12. Sorry about the duplicate posts. I kept getting an error message so assumed it hadn't posted properly and kept trying again.
  13. For quite some time, after I restart my computer I can't log into the internet because my proxy settings are wrong. I don't use a proxy setting at all as I use BT Infinity. BT Desktop help always corrected the problem and I have now learnt to correct it myself by going to Internet Options/connections and removing the tick in the "use proxy settings" field. Once I've done this, there is no problem. I have now discovered (through Malwarebytes) that my computer has got something called PUM.Optional.ProxyHijecker on it. I gather that it's a Trojan of some kind. Although Malwarebytes detects it and deletes the quarantined file, it comes back next time I reboot and Malwarebytes detects it all over again. I have researched how to get rid of this and unless I try to change the registry myself (I would never do this without very clear instructions) all roads seem to lead to something called Spyhunter which I gather is even worse as you have to buy the paid version and it is very difficult to remove. Why doesn't Kaspersky pick up and remove this Trojan? Is there a better way to remove it? Many thanks
  14. Thanks. It is Kaspersky Internet Security 15.02.361(e) Hope this helps
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