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  1. KIS supports Action/notification center of the Windows 10 version 1709 without any issue but KIS does not support Action/notification center. Notifications are still appearing on screen in the green boundary box. It seems that KIS 2017 does not completely support Windows 10 RS3(version 1709)
  2. I have a same question. Do we have to use just KIS notification method(green boundary box) for Windows 10 Fall Creators update version 1709 or we have to wait KIS 2019 to support Action/notification center of the Windows 10 ?
  3. Also, Try this Settings > Additional > Network untick(disable) - Inject script into web traffic to interact with web pages check(enable) - Do not scan encrypted connections
  4. You can choose B. You just need license key. You also can download the most recent version of software from kaspersky.com anytime
  5. Daudi, I don't recommend to revert to old version of firefox. If you want better security then stay/update most recent version of web browser. That is more important than Kaspersky Toolbar protection. You don't need to update at this point. Just wait KIS 2019.
  6. Settings > Additional > Threats & Exclusions Check "Detect other software that can be used by criminals to damage your computer or personal data"
  7. I also have a same issue. Is this Patch F bug? My laptop got patch F((KIS2017 v17.0.0.611(f)) a few days ago but my desktop PCs are still Patch E (KIS2017 v17.0.0.611(e)) (there is no patch f update) There is no problem at KIS2017 v17.0.0.611(e)
  8. Also, Did you try this? KTS 2017 Settings -> Additional -> Network Check the option "Do not scan encrypted connections" restart PC
  9. KIS 2017 (patch e) does not have this problem. It shows popularity info in KSN properly for those apps & Processes KIS 2016( does NOT show popularity info in KSN properly for those apps & Processes Check by right click reputation in KSN? Of course I tested it and there was no popularity info I could notice this issue since 2 weeks ago I assume that some software update (maybe patch H or application module update) cause this problem but I'm not sure 100% KIS 2016( is still fully supported product by Kaspersky lab and I don't like to upgrade KIS 2017 at this point (I revert back to 2016 two times because of some issues of KIS 2017)
  10. I'm using KIS I cannot get any popularity info in KSN some service processes Does anyone have a same problem? ex) Firefox Adobe Acrobat update service Microsoft Office Click to Run (SxS) NeroUpdate Microsoft.MSN.Weather.exe Services and Controller app Windows Explorer...etc
  11. "The spyware has been designed to evade security detection software, specifically Kaspersky’s antivirus software" Could Kaspersky Internet Security protect against spyware ‘Athena/Hera’ attack now? - Latest WikiLeaks Vault7 release details CIA Windows spyware
  12. I could not find release note regarding 2016 version Patch H Does it add the support of the Windows Creator Update(Redstone 2) for Windows 10? Is patch H 2016 product fully compatible with Windows 10 Creator Update(Redstone 2) update?
  13. Does it impact my daily routine? That's not the point No one like technical issues and restrictions about paid service. People want smooth and quality service as usual.
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