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  1. We are running KES, with Agent MacOS Sierra 12.12.5 The problem (after some serious troubleshooting) is that with the Web Antivirus feature enabled, the internet browsers stop working after a few minutes. It works at bootup, but after about 5-10 minutes it won't go to any websites. Chrome, Firefox and Safari are all affected. Once the internet stops working, we can Quit Kaspersky and it immediately starts working again. Also, we turned off the Web Antivirus feature via KSC policy and that fixed the issue as well.
  2. Can't find any documentation on this. Is this a supported method? If I have some Macs on the old network agent v9.0.1.117 and some others on v10.1.0.16, can I push out v10.2.0.20 to all of them with a remote installation task?
  3. I'm trying to deploy the one from the Kaspersky Lab database. It looks like it's the EXE. But the 64-bit one works, and that's an EXE also. I could extract the MSI and create my own package from it, but that defeats the purpose of the database.
  4. I have attached the screenshot and part of the GSI report, I'm not sure if this is what you need. The entire zip file was too large to upload. GetSystemInfo_CREDMDPCSPARE01_admin_2015_04_22_08_32_53.zip
  5. Is there a good guide for upgrading server versions? I'm relatively new to Kaspersky. EDIT: Nevermind I found the article - http://support.kaspersky.com/us/11836#block3
  6. By dev version do you mean the JDK Java Developer Kit? Thats a separate product entirely and we don't need that. In researching the default java install behavior it seems like it used to behave the way I was describing, but at some point Java decided to change it. So I will create a separate uninstall task when I deploy a newer java.
  7. Hello, The KSC Server is running v10.1.249 The clients mostly have v10.2.1.23 (a) but we have a few running v10.2.2.10535 Thanks
  8. I created an installation package using the Kaspersky Lab database, selected Oracle Java JRE 1.8.x / 8.x - I deploy it to a machine and it fails every time. Status Completed with error Operating system version not supported. The 64-bit app installs fine, but the 32-bit does not. Also, I thought the default java install behavior replaces the existing java if it is the same major version (ie. if you have JRE 8u25 and you push JRE 8u45 it should replace JRE 8u25) but from what I'm seeing it's not doing this. On the machines I've deployed it to you end up with both installed afterwards. Then the vulnerability re-detects the older java and wants to install JRE 8u45 again.. Any thoughts or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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