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  1. I had to try 7 times before I could successfully complete registration for this Forum. This was entirely due to the Kaptcha that required Case specific entry of the letters and numbers of the Kaptcha. Then to top it off they included all maner of combinations of 1s ( read ones) and ls (read as the letter L) not to mention 0s ( read zeros) and O ( Read Ohs) in different fonts sizes and angles (If you find this hard to read so were the Kaptchas). Mind you these were not in separate Kaptchas but would appear in combination with both zero and O in the same Kaptchas. The same for the 1s and ls, There was even one which had and S and a 5 in the same Kaptcha with the obscuring background making them appear similarly. Note to Kaptcha makers: Avoid putting 1 and Ls of different cases in the same Kaptcha or preferably avoid them all together. Same of Zeroes and Os (and 5s and Ss). You will still have 23 letters and 8 numbers to fill 6 positions with close to 18613452051997100000000000 combinations to fool the AI that is out there. That does not even include the variations for Case Sensitvity. :dash1:
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