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  1. Thank you, for your thorough information. Below, in bold, I don't know what those are.
  2. Dumb me. From CNet.com, downloaded the program VSDC Video Editing software. Now my FireFox browser is taken over by a Bing re-director, and God knows what else? I've removed everything on my system having to do with the download, and anything with the date it happened. Deleted Bing, altogether. But there it is, popping up again. Went through all the browser choice settings, in both Control Panel & FF, changed'em all back to Google as my browser. Ran KIS full scan. Ran an outside Malware full scan. ..... both were negative. How can that be?! Reinstalled FireFox. Searched the interwebz for current solutions to this issue. Any ideas what I can do to find a remedy for this? (Photo of the URL attached) Thanks for your help in finding a solution.
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions. Created KIS support ticket, they gave me the # to MS. The MS agent took control of my computer and got the updates done. It turns out there were corrupted files which were not allowing the updates. But that still doesn't explain to me why there was not a BIG FLAG from KIS alerting me that urgent MS updates were way out of date. Gotta say, ESET has always alerted me when there were downloads that need to be addressed (by me, it's not automatic..... but at least they alert me) I've heard good things about KIS, but frankly it's such a complicated nightmare, asking me to approve settings that I have no idea what I'm actually doing. In the 6 years I've been with ESET I've never had so much of a bug, and they take care of everything, giving me peace o'mind. And they have actual tech support I can call (limited hours, but I can talk to a real person..... in San Diego!) You guys are nice, but it's even nicer to have a real person to discuss the problem, so I guess I'll be going back. Thanks for your help!
  4. The reason I thought KIS was controlling the upgrades is because the alert box is KIS red, so I thought KIS was controling the upgrades, not allowing me to do it. The (red) Windows Update box says: "Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running. You may need to restart your computer." Which of course I've done a zillion times. Any insights into what I'm seeing? Thanks tons
  5. Thank you, for your attempt. I have no idea how to run what Adam is asking for. A pop up saying I've got so much time on WinZip, so I have no idea what that's about. I'm not going to install something I don't know about. Windows is not allowing me access to the download files or updates, so that is why I thought it was included in some program on KIS. Is it possible one of the many access blockers is preventing my computer from accessing that site? Trying to research this issue of whether MS updates are KIS administered, I saw a thread about Win8 that made it sound like MS updates are included. Maybe it's time to uninstall this beast and go back to my clean and easy ESET product. *sigh* Friggin' nightmare. Thanks for trying to help.
  6. Thank you, for your prompt reply, but....... Seriously? You can't just tell me whether KIS provides auto-updates our computers MS security files or not? And if so, where I can find the info? Why is this company's system so frickin' complicated?! Sheesh! I don't want to become a computer programmer, I just want my computer's security covered. I have no idea how to do what you're asking me. When I click on the file it's asking me to creat a WinZip program or something. I don't want MORE shit on my computer, I'm trying to make life easier with peace of mind my computer is secure. Time is money, and I'm wasting a LOT of it questioning & researching something that should be crystal clear to me. Thanks again, for your attempt at assisting. Should I just contact support?
  7. I'm new to KIS, and in a panic. Yesterday booted up Windows 7 computer that has been stored for 2yrs (with KIS product still in service) The KIS software updated fine, and I saw no alerts that my MS files are out of date. I updated, as requested by a pop-up, to the KIS 2015 version (tho I see a forum alert not to do it that way..... Ack!) Assumed KIS took care of making sure ALL my security is done, including MS stuff. Looking into MS Security, it says no updates have been done since 2013! It won't allow me to request updates, either. Please confirm that KIS is updating all my MS programs and systems. I've looked all over the site, but can't find anything specifically that KIS updates Windows systems too. If not, how am I suppose to update MS security? With ESET it gives me an alert if I need to do something. KIS I see nothing =p Thanks!
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