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  1. Welcome Tooln, :bs: For your question, I do understand that you still have a question for the product before you purchase it , The answer is , It depends on your system! if the Kaspersky is scanning your computer for a full scan, it depends on your file and programs, how big is it! and also for slowing PC, you can send us your Reports for your PC for the Useful threads ,locate for the 5th column! so we can review it! Thanks!
  2. Спасибо босса.

  3. Hi Good Day! :bs: If your asking for the latest autofill for the compatible of your KPURE, You can visit this site : Firefox Latest Autofill Also try to uninstall your Kaspersky 1st, 2nd try to uninstall the Firefox that you have , 3rd install updated Firefox! 4th, re-install Updated Pure. Update me if you still have a problem! Thanks & Regards! :bt:
  4. Welcome Vprabhu :bs: In addition to richbuff' post, To fix the drivers issue when the you do a system restore! You can visit this site to download all the drivers you needed, (Because some of the system restore will be corrupted for the drivers for that day that has been update by the OS ) : http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/...-laptop/drivers Thanks, Hope I can help. :bt:
  5. Hi Boss,

    Hope i can have my own KL Group!

    Thanks :)

  6. Welcome tdelob, :bs: Permission to Post Boss Berny & richbuff, just for some additional information and solution for this! I hope that i can fix this issue. I understand your frustration about how long this issue is taking to solve, and I apologize for the inconvenience, And also ,I apologize for the issues you have been having with your slowdowns, and want to help you get this solved as soon as possible. Kindly Please follow this instructions! : If you are having trouble with the speed of the Internet connection, changing the Web Anti-Virus Settings can help. 1.Open Kaspersky Pure that you have!. 2.Click on 'Settings'. 3.Click on the first icon, it looks like a shield. 4.Click on 'Web Anti-Virus' on the left. 5.Click on the 'Settings...' button on the right. 6.Move the Heuristic Analysis slider down to Low. 7.Click 'OK'. 8. Restart you P.C and if it's up and running again! try To test it reopen a browser, Give me updates if it's working fine now! Thanks and Regards! :bt: edit: some bold sted most all bold.
  7. Great! I am glad you were able to sort this out! If you have another issue, You Can freely Visit us it here again! ( Of course it's fine to disable it , because these steps are created by Kaspersky Engineer to turn off encrypted connections! ) Thank You! :bt:
  8. Thank You for your Screen Shot frodi! Maybe i can help boss Berny I hope that, I can help you out for this! Please try following steps! Disable scanning of encrypted connections. 1.Open Kaspersky. 2.Click on 'Settings'. 3.Click on 'Additional' on the left. 4.Click on 'Network' on the right. 5.Uncheck 'Scan encrypted connections'. 6.Click the Back arrow in the upper left twice to return to the main window. 7.Close Your Kaspersky and try to reopen it again , Or check if you still received those message! Just Let me know! Thank You Very Much! :bt:
  9. Hi, :bs: Maybe I can help you out for that! Kindly Do this followings step's maybe it will work! Please try to uninstall your Kaspersky and try to Reinstall it again! Ensure plug-ins are enabled in normal and protected browser For Google Chrome 1.Open up a new Google Chrome window. 2.In the address bar at the top, type in 'chrome://extensions' (without the single quotes) and press Enter. 3.Ensure that the 'Kaspersky Protection' plugin is enabled - if it is not, please check the box next to it to enable the plugin. Then, please try to open Safe Money in Google Chrome. If the error appears again, please ignore it for now and perform the same steps to ensure the plug-ins are enabled in Protected Browser. Clear Safe Browser Cache Please first close all web browsers. Press the Windows Logo and R key on your keyboard simultaneously - this will open the Run Menu. Type, or paste, in the following and press Enter: C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\SafeBrowser Right-click on the 'kis' folder, and select 'Rename'. Rename the folder as 'kis2'. From here, please restart your PC. When it starts back up, test if the issue persists and please let me know! Thank You Very Much! :bt:
  10. Welcome eboggs_jkvl, :bs: Kindly please send us a screen shot for that some KLOGS or report's of your system, You can see how to use report maker at the very important topic at 5th column of this threads!. Then once you replied for us we will review your system , To give you the accurate troubleshooting steps! Thank You!. :bt:
  11. Your Welcome Flippa, You can freely visit us here anytime , Thank You for visiting us! :bt:
  12. Hi, I just want to keep you guys updated for this, This kind of scenario has been take care of WoBurn ( or Higher department for Engineer ), as escalated case ,that has been transfer for me! Thanks For the help Boss richbuff,
  13. Hi sir, Kindly Please follow the instructions that we put for the previous reply! Thank You! :bt: edit: del huge img quote.
  14. Welcome Flippa, :bs: Kindly please send us a screen shot for that some KLOGS or report's of your system, You can see how to use report maker at the very important topic at 5th column of this threads!. Then once you replied for us we will review your system , to give you the accurate troubleshooting steps! Thank You!. :bt:
  15. Thank You for the rapid response Boss richbuff I will keep you posted if there's any update for this issue!. Thanks & Regards! :bt:
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