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  1. its all computers. we have new computers 4 ram minimum and i5.
  2. we have a case open INC000007930105 and didnt get suggestions. please escalate this
  3. What versions of KSC server and agents do you use ? - ksc 10.2.434 patch d Please attach GSI report with event logs included from a machine, KES policy export. - I can try those pfs separate to test. What kind of slowdowns do you encounter? All programs or specific ones ? - all windows. What patches did you install ? - nothing. Who advised you these PFs ? search google for slow patch for this version. Do you face with slowdowns on the start or sporadically ? from the start also after reboot Thanks
  4. We Deploy it for 200 computers and we are suffering from slow computers . build is -
  5. Hi, How can I download : pf1293 1230815 Slowdowns on windows explorer due to File AV and pf1538 1330184 Slowdown issues
  6. Dear Forum Members, We have implemented device control and it works very good. however we have problem that users are bypassing it by starting the computer in safe-mode , then kaspersky not loaded up and device control is not enforced. we are working with latest version KES 10 Sp1 mr3. any suggestions? Thanks
  7. Hi Kiril, What are other alternatives to fix this since "restore" of backup cannot be performed (customer doesn't remember the backup password) Thanks
  8. OK, If I Rule back from snapshot (vmware) and that SQL is external , Can I still restore from snapshot? Thanks
  9. the failed setup also removed all plugins for kaspersky product - and had to reinstall them, currently I cannot run "Database update" from KSC to Kaspersky Lab Servers Task... Also Another log attached - _klserver_install_2017_01_30_14_20_52.rar
  10. After KSC Failed to update to 10.3 from 10.2 getting this error while tried to perform update task. please see screenshot. any suggestions ?
  11. Hi, It will be nice to have option to change 1 item in policy and to apply to chosen policy at once. (Instead of going thru each policy separately) Thanks
  12. Hi, 10 For File Server - ( installed with auto-patch А release ) After applied this : https://support.kaspersky.com/12652 (to get anti-crypto protection) I am getting thousands of events : {"User":"NTAUTHORITY\\SYSTEM","ObjectName":"C:\\WINDOWS\\SYSTEM32\\CMD.EXE","Sha256":"DB06C3534964E3FC79D2763144BA53742D7FA250CA336F4A0FE724B75AAFF386","MD5":"5746BD7E255DD6A8AFA06F7C42C1BA41","ProductName":"MICROSOFT® WINDOWS® OPERATING SYSTEM","FileVersion":"6.1.7601.17514","EnforcedPolicy":"Unknown","DefaultPolicy":"Audit","MatchedRules":"","Issuer":"O=MICROSOFT CORPORATION, L=REDMOND, S=WASHINGTON, C=US","Thumbprint":"02ECEEA9D5E0A9F3E39B6F4EC3F7131ED4E352C4","Valid":"Yes","DefaultDeny":"Yes"} and Event name Statistics Only mode: application launch denied Severity: Warning Application: Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server Version number: Task name: Applications Launch Control Computer: SERVER993 Group: RON Servers Time: DAY WED 04 JAN 2017 16:33:34 Virtual Server name: Description: {"User":"NT AUTHORITY\\SYSTEM","ObjectName":"C:\\APP\\FORMIT\\PRODUCT\\11.1.0\\DB_1\\PERL\\5.8.3\\BIN\\MSWIN32-X64-MULTI-THREAD\\PERL.EXE","Sha256":"5E82CC2AE9A6B3DF5C0852542247A2905BA2A0E1553392261A53CBB0925E6C02","MD5":"D10C3143B3D0E2A0B7C92C5F1F93E7DE","ProductName":"","FileVersion":"","EnforcedPolicy":"Unknown","DefaultPolicy":"Audit","MatchedRules":"","Issuer":"","Thumbprint":"","Valid":"No","DefaultDeny":"Yes"} Please advise, Thanks
  13. I Downloaded the file from : http://aes.kaspersky-labs.com/english/endp...3_en_aes256.exe (Which is 300MB) After extract getting same size but when import getting 680mb...
  14. Hi Ivan, This is strange, so if customer have a Corporate WiFi connected to same LAN Network, is there anyway to avoid getting 2 IP address? (Sometime users are connected to WiFi and the connect the laptop to docking station ) that cause them to get another IP in the network... This is causing problem in the network... ( I know what other security product can be aware of this ) Thanks
  15. Dear Forum Members, I installed new KSC ( Latest version 10.3.407.0 with patch a ) I've noticed that installation on new machines take very long time and then tried to have standalone package (saw that it is size of 680MB) Also noticed that package is around 800MB (I updated the database - tried also to clear database and download again) also created new installation package from scratch and got to same result... Any idea? I dont think that the size of should be 800mb , I have other system installed and saw that its around 300MB... Thanks
  16. - So they can work together with no problems? (I have no specific issue ) just want to make sure. Thanks
  17. Dear Forum members, What is the recommended method to disable windows defender? Can Kaspersky run together with windows defender on same machine? Thanks
  18. OK, see screenshot from KSC. but I Have few "networks" configured. but what is the way to separate getting IP as duplicated networks (wifi and lan working together) Thanks
  19. OK - so: is there a way to block multiple network coming to same laptop? So if users is connecting to corporate WiFi (same as LAN) and then connect a Ethernet cable . can I block option to get 2 different IP address from same networks?
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