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  1. Hi, Have not found anything regarding this so I suspect its not supported, but is there a way to extract information from Administration Server through some kind of api? I would like to access information in hardware repository programmatically - is this possible? Also, can I perform a backup of only the hardware repository? Backup tool seems to be very all-or-nothing... Regards, Urmas Kask
  2. Hi, Are there any plans for new (KES10) Linux and Mac clients? Any possible release date?
  3. Update: Also tested with Eport 0PDXXF and the issue is reproducible with that as well.
  4. Hi, Ran into this issue with a couple of Dell laptops running with FDE: When the laptop is docked and I am entering password for the authentication agent, the keystrokes are not registered properly. I type my whole password, hit enter and then can wait pretty much forever with nothing happening. When I move my mouse across the screen a few times, the password starts to appear and after some mouse movements later I get logged in. When I have lid opened and use the builtin keyboard, there are no such issues. When the laptop is undocked and i'm using the builtin keyboard, there are no issues. Undocked, with peripherials attached, using external mouse and keyboard, also no issues. Laptop in question is Latitude E7440 (all 4 I have had this issue with, have no access to other laptops currently) and the dock is Dell E/Port 0PKDGR.
  5. klakupd.log, klbackup-1093.log, klactprx-1093.log, klfc-1093.log, klnagent-1103.log, klserver-1093.log, klvapm-1093.log, klvapm-1103.log etc.
  6. Unfortunately, I dont seem to find any log files with similar names.
  7. Ok, i'm afraid I will need some instructions then. What do you mean by trace of pxe server?
  8. Which traces would prove most helpful? Regards, Urmas
  9. I did all this and still get the same error. The other deployment method works, but for some reason, cannot get the baremetal to work... Tried another computer even, same result.
  10. Disabled KES, still same. On boot, the client computer comes up with error PXE-E53 No boot file name received.
  11. KSC and PXE servers are both on one computer, firewall disabled. DHCP service is running on router, also no firewall. WDS, for example, needs both dhcp option 66 and 67 defined (67 is boot file name). Should Kaspersky work without it?
  12. Hi, Kaspersky Security Center Kaspersky Lab Version: 10.1.249 The error message on the client computer is PXE-E53: No boot filename received. So Im guessing there is a missing dhcp 67 option. However, documentation does not list what it should be set to.
  13. Hi, Unfortunately, there is no information in that about the dhcp configuration... or most importantly, the boot file part of dhcp configuration.
  14. Hi, I'm having some trouble deploying computer images via PXE server. I have managed to capture a computer image with no major troubles. However, when trying to deploy this image via PXE, I have encountered difficulties. I have defined the PXE server in DHCP. Also added server into the list of pxe servers in kaspersky security center 10. But, when I view the list in KSC its status is Getting started... The server is the same server KSC is running on. Also, do I have to set anything else on the DHCP server? Like boot file name? Regards, Urmas
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