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  1. Thank you very much .... yes i was a bit confused with the terms ... now the comments above solves the issue. Just one doubt here : console that your refering to means ep security??
  2. >>>> ok the case explained there is related to OS >>Windows Vista, 7, 2008, xp 2012 server r2 is not listed and does not work as mentioned in the article , will need to submit a case
  3. >>>> hi console means??? is it related to kaspersky ep security 10 ? if yes do i need to uninstall kaspersky ep security 10 from my server and run only KSC ?? is that the rite way ?? else how can i connect a remote console ? is there any way kaspersky ep security 10 can pick the server ip as configured [] .. just a piece of information i would like to know Regards Jubin
  4. hi , i have installed KSC 10.1.249 on windows 2012 server r2 64 bit OS . i do not have any domains configured . when i start KSC , i get a pop up error as mmc cannot initialize the snap in . even when i switch from administrative server ui to managed computers , i see the same issue . Application running on my server : sql 2008 i read through the topics with mmc error . when check C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\MMC i find on file called Kaspersky Security Center 10 . I removed this file and then restarted the server and opened KSC . but i see the same issue . Is there any work around for this .?? how can i disable this ??
  5. Hi , as per the talks before i have disabled windows update. steps carried out Administrative settings >>managed computers >>computers >> <server name > >> configure parameters >> unchecked windows update search not performed for a long time from critical and warning >>ok>> refresh All the status shows green . Downloaded the latest files in repository and update on clients ,, now works fine works fine !!!! Now under manage computers >> client computers >> click on my server name and check the ip address ... >> ip shows >>>which is local host . >>>> Will this never pick up the ipaddress that is configured on the system since the server ip is Attaching screen shot
  6. 》》》》》》 hi .. i have installed kaspersky security agent on all my clients (workstation). I have disabled windows update on my server , then have downloaded the latest updates (antivirus) to the repository. Now whn i check computer status in warning, i still see the same issue
  7. Hi , let me explain in detail the config that i have for better understanding This is my environment Simple lan MS server 2012 r2 64 bit with ip address configured as , KSC installed in the server . When ever i need to updated i have been told to connect to the internet and download the files and the server would update the clients also 3 workstation running windows 7 enterprise OS 32 bit All three workstations connected to server. running ep security 10 UI on one of the pc shows <computer name > your working is under a policy >>> Note ??????: i Would need to know how to add a new pc to the server and configure with Kaspersky Ep Security and how to know if the PC is running with latest updates . This is becos i am new to the server client antivirus world in kaspersky security center installed in the server steps carried out >>>>click on update >>>>>>download updates to repository >> click on run >>>>>>>>>: Administration server >>>>>>>>>>> reports and notification >>>>>>>> Computer selections: computer with status warning ; click Shows me server name , IP address and also the message in red showing Windows update search not performed for a long time network agent 10.1.249 , antivirus ver note >>>>>>>>I would like to know why is my server been displayed in critical status though i have done the update of repository
  8. Hi can you pls elabrote on this ..... exact steps i need to follow to correct this issue Thanks Hi can you pls elabrote on this ..... exact steps i need to follow to correct this issue Thanks
  9. Hi Alll , i have installed KSC on the windows server 2012 R2 . the UI of the administration server shows up with ip [ which i initially configured ] . when i do an update i see an error showing " For 1 of computers, the search of the Windows updates has not been carried out for a long time."" when i double click on the error , i see the sever name and when double clicked it shows me in general as ip , how can i change this ?? attaching the snapshorts
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