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  1. The file that is causing my machine to BSOD when Kaspersky scans it: 355.98-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql.exe -> LEDVisualizer\he-IL\NvLedVisualizerControl.resources.dll When I open the exe with WinRAR and attempt to extract that file my machine BSODs. Checked every other file in the LEDVisualizer folder, none of the other resources files cause this problem. To me, this also brings up important issues about KIS itself, namely 1) why does this still cause a BSOD even when Kaspersky protection is paused and 2) why does this still BSOD when I add the location I extract the drivers to to my exclusions list.
  2. Getting the same exact error on Windows 10 x64 with KIS 2016. 1 Download/install update through GeForce Experience: BSOD during extraction. Download installer directly, extract to a location with WinRAR. About 5 seconds after WinRAR finishes, BSOD. Open installer in WinRAR, click 'Test', WinRAR checks all files, no crash. Add exclusion to KIS 2016 to not scan anything in the directory I have downloaded the driver to. Extract to a subdirectory of excluded directory, this time it BSODs near the end of the extraction. I can't tell since Kaspersky's logging isn't granular enough to tell me which file it is scanning, but it would appear that one of the files in the installer, when it is being scanned by Kaspersky, is causing Kaspersky's klpd.sys driver to blow up and BSOD my machine (and many others from the looks of it). I'm going to try running the install from WinRAR next since using it to run the test generated no crash earlier.
  3. I've been using KIS for many years but have always had an issue with the application failing to auto-update itself. Inside of KIS 2015 in Settings -> Additional -> Update, the first option, "Download and install new versions automatically" has been checked ever since I installed this version the day after it came out. Yesterday, my machine still had version installed, but the latest version available for download was The version that was still installed yesterday was under "C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 15.0.0", and the version of avp.exe that was running was 15.0.0. Clearly, I didn't have the latest version installed. So, what gives? That option I mentioned sure sounds like KIS is supposed to either automatically update itself or it's supposed to at least tell me a newer version is available. That doesn't appear to be happening. I had to manually download 15.0.1 and install it rather than the application do it on its own. I never receive popups or any indications that a newer version is available. I have to keep checking back here to see if one is available.
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