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  1. Deal all, What can be the solution of the error below: When saving a file, a sharing violation can be caused by the way an antivirus application interacts with Microsoft Office. Check with your antivirus provider to make sure that the current version of the application, including updates, is installed. The antivirus provider might also have information or solutions for sharing violation issues. If there is any update which needs to checked mandatory please mention that. Using Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 & Microsoft 2010 64 /32 bit.
  2. Issue: Some clients are unable to download updates, however they seem to be able to communicate with the server (Reporting and downloading policy updates). We have performed some troubleshooting and found out that upon restarting the Kaspersky Network Agents service, those clients are able to download the updates. Upon investigating this further, we found that the issue is resolved if the Kaspersky Network Agent Service is set to delayed start. Can you please advise on what could be causing this? We have a Network Access Control technology implemented that permits network traffic only after successful user authentication, could this be causing the issue? If there’s a communication issue between the Kaspersky network agent and the server, why is it resolved after a service restart? Does the service not try to re-establish communication if there’s an issue?
  3. an issue with some of the clients not updating? We keep seeing the below error on some clients “failed to establish connection with Network Agent. Error code: 46” and is only fixed by restarting the Kaspersky network agent. KSC version: 10.2.434 Network agent version: 10.2.434
  4. Guys I have solved the problem and installed it successfully. From getsysteminfo I found that there are few incompatible and suspicious things are in the system. I downloaded Kaspersky Virus Removal tool and the it detected 12 Trojans and viruses. I selected action to delete them. It deleted and restarted the system. After this I again tried to install and this time KES installed successfully. Thanks all. Regards SARMAD
  5. Sorry I wrote wrong version, I tried KES at this machine and it failed.
  6. Please find the install logs attached... install_logs.rar
  7. I have been trying to install KES-10.2.434 with a standalone package, remotely and with a downloaded package from the website but each time it gives an error and failed to install. Error is "Fatal error". I am attaching the GSI report. Please if any of you can help me what is the issue. Trying to install: KES-10.2.434 OS: Windows 8 Professional Kaspersky Network Agent already installed. GSI report : http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...d30bf784a0b42e2 Regards
  8. I want to know that Is there any way to block access of mobile devices to internet via wifi using NAC feature? Do Kaspersky still release updates for KAV-6.0.x.x? If no, how to update it then?
  9. I need to know whether Kaspersky offer any type of protection to the following: (If yes please suggest appropriate products of KL for them) 1. Mail server Mdaemon 13.x (cracked) at windows server 2008 R2. 2. Zimbra 8.1 Community version CentOs Linux 6.5. 3. Kerio ( cracked ) on CentOs 5.8 4. Solar winds ( cracked ) on Windows server 2003 5. Nagios XI installed on CentOs Linux 6. Squid3.x server installed on CentOs 6.5. Thanks
  10. Here are the log files for SQL server and Kaspersky event logs attached in zipped files. Regards Error_logs_SQL_server.rar Kaspersky_Event_logs.rar
  11. I uninstalled SQL server and all the other stuff installed during first installation. Again installed KSC, a fresh installation. But the error remained same second time and even third time. I also restated the machine after un-installation of SQL server. There was no difference in the errors all three times. Then I decided to post this issue at forum. What might be the reason of such an error? Regards
  12. To configure Administration server address properly. Goto Installation packages > Properties of Network Agent installation package > Connection > Server Address. Do configure one IP address which Administration server is using. Thanks. Regards
  13. SQL server was not installed on the machine. It was installed by KSC installation. When i started installation setup first time it gave error which is in 2nd screenshot I attached. I started installation again and at that time SQL server was already installed by KSC so it skipped SQL installation itself and started checking settings for KSC Administration console. I hope it is clear now. Can you take remote session for fresh installation again? Regards
  14. GSI report link : http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...4e268e02e5a15ac Log files report are attached in replies below.
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