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  1. Recently purchased a new year of service. Obtained a new product key and input it. Everything associated with the renewal process continues to say we are up and running. However, the actual Pure 3.0 keeps saying we are not protected. Get into it and put in the new key and it says everything is fine. Close out of it, restart the computer, and again, Pure 3.0 tells me we are not protected. Go through the same loop over and over and over and over and over and over. Why will it not recognize the new purchase, new key, etc.?????? Also, since this has started, I keep getting pop-up boxes that tells me I have "X" number of unsecured internet connections open and gives me a few seconds before they are automatically closed. This is REALLY frustrating. Have spent well over three hours dinking around with this and to the point I want to eat the recent purchase, dump Kapersky and get something else. As a small business owner, I cannot keep dealing with this and I cannot continue with the possibility that I may not be protected. Help!!
  2. Richbuff, I have done all of the tasks you noted with the exception of the last "if all else fails" recommendations. I plan on doing those over the weekend when I do not need the computer to work on.
  3. Sorry for so many questions, I am new to this software. I have Pure 3.0 running on Windows 7. I got a message that threats were detected and a dialog box popped up showing a half-dozen or so issues. Each one has a button to the right that says PROCESS with a down arrow to the side. Clicking the side arrow shows ADD TO EXCLUSIONS, SKIP, OPEN ORIGINAL FOLDER, and OBJECT DESCRIPTION. What is the procedure for "curing" the displayed threat? I have tried to just hit PROCESS and nothing happens. Do I need to select one of the drop down options before hitting the PROCESS button? If so, what one? When I click the EXCLUSION option, another box pops up that is nothing but pure gibberish to me but it talks about not scanning it anymore. How would that be fixing it? It sounds like it is just ignoring it by not scanning it anymore. Skip also sounds like it is just going to be skipped over without correcting. What are the correct steps for resolving these threats? The box pops up about once an hour now. Thanks.
  4. Egor, the name is the title of the thread, WSE_astromenda. I have done several searches on the internet and they all refer to it as malware. I do not know the difference, but it hijacked my browser, made itself the IE start-up page and change my search engine to itself. As I mentioned, those things were corrected but I want it out of my machine because I do not know what else it may be doing or if it will "return to action" at a later date.
  5. This thing piggy-backed onto a download of Adobe Flash. At first it hijacked my browser and home page but that was quickly remedied. However, I cannot seem to remove it. When I go to my Program Manager and hit UNINSTALL, a pop-up from Pure 3.0 comes up and gives me three options. One to allow, one to allow in a limited manner and one to block. I am assuming it is trying to protect me from the uninstall "wizard" necessary to dump this program. I have tried the allow and limited allow but each time, nothing happens after making the selection. Anyone have experience with deleting this program? If it is disabled as it appears, is it a problem? A search seems to indicate it needs to be deleted. Also curious why it made it through. Is there a method using Pure 3.0 that I can go in and delete this?
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