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  1. Dear Support, We have come across with the issue that one of our client is using windows live mail and they have concern that any virus which are coming across via live mail is not being detected by Kaspersky. I have tested the same on MS outlook it is being detected but its not doing anything for those users who are using windows live mail. Please suggest any workaround or plugin for kaspersky which check emails communicating via mention email client. I have attached the mail virus which is being detected by other AV solutions.
  2. We have come across with HDD crash issue while performing encryption on one or two systems at client, can anybody suggest why is this happening. Regards RI
  3. We are getting following error in most of our computers. Error: call getsockname returns address for the remote connection. This computer will be unavailable from the Admimnistration Server side. Please advise. Regards RI.
  4. Since size is 3 GB its difficult to upload from client side, could you please share with me your skype id so that you can take remote and see the issue. mine is armanrahi7.
  5. We have latest virus definition and please find the virus report. Link https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=7C357...hint=file%2cpdf
  6. Please find the GSI one drive link https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=7C357...hint=file%2czip OS=Windows Server 2012 KSC SP1
  7. We have set Scan virus task and put action as disinfected but upon seeing virus report we are getting lots of virus being untreated how do we disinfect or delete them as we have client and they require to disinfect those virus not to delete those. Please advise what would be the right action to perform for untreated object. Regards Raheel Iqbal
  8. Please see the attached error, this is i mean by keep disconnecting, we need to connect again and again our server.
  9. My KSC SP1 keep disconnecting upon looking to event viewer i am getting this error, any workaround to make the server stable. Error "Process 5704 '\Device\HarddiskVolume4\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Security Center\klserver.exe' will be terminated due to the exclusion KLSTD_ERROR_NO_MEMORY (eeedf00d), which occurred in the module 'C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\KERNELBASE.dll' at the address 0x76c12c1a. The memory dump 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Security Center\~dumps\~klserver-0.dmp' has been created." Regards Raheel Iqbal
  10. Dear Support Guys, We are unable to install KES SP1 on thin clients it gets installed but at configuration step it gets stuck. Image is attached. If somehow it gets install it is also consuming lots of memory any advise. Regards Raheel Iqbal
  11. I am getting this error any workaround. Time allocated for product installation task has exceeded the timeout. The task on this computer will be marked as failed.
  12. Can i have the download link for Kaspersky Security Center SP1 webconsole.
  13. Dear Team, Need one advise i am deploying KES to almost 8000 nodes on which around 1000 nodes still have sophos tamper protection, i want to disable this and resume installation of KES. Any advise? One workaround is to disable the services of sophos then it can allow to resume kes installation but its tidious. i want to get it done for bulk systems.
  14. It is mentioned in Incompatible list since it got tamper protection enabled thats why kaspersky installation gets failed attempted to remove Sophos. I want to know if there is a way to remove tamper protection of sophos in bulk.
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